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¿Why do tourism Salou?

Salou is a small town located in the heart of the Costa Dorada and has a great popularity both nationally and internationally. In fact, such is their interest every summer hundreds of travelers from foreign countries decide to spend their holidays in one of the hotels in Salou.


Part of its appeal is based on the wide range of sun and sand. For starters, the climate of the area has a surprising historical and promises lots of days with good temperature year. Then, the variety of its beaches, the quality of its waters and offer multiple services on its coast are the icing to Salou is an idyllic place.


Also, Salou also has numerous leisure possibilities such as for example the amount of water sports that can be practiced in the area of sports or the number of businesses located on the waterfront.


However, if there is something we can not ignore the talk of Salou, it is its excellent nightlife. Once the sun sets, lots of discos and pubs start up their engines to guarantee one of the best nights of your holiday. If you want to know all our tips read on!

¿Which sites to visit in Salou?

Salou is a perfect destination to spend a few days on the beach and off, either with friends or family. Although you can not leave Salou because of its wide range of beaches and entertainment, from we recommend that if you have time, visit these neighboring municipalities to better understand the region.


Following the coast south of Salou, just 6km, you'll reach the town of Cambrils a fishing village originally perfect for a sunset stroll and a drink beside the sea. Even as a tourist destination, has a more relaxed, small-town that Pineda Salou or environment.



Another coastal cities Salou is near Tarragona, the capital of the region of Tarragonés. The also known as Tarraco in Roman times was one of the main cities of Hispania, so you can find many Roman remains, such as the spectacular amphitheater in front of the beach.



Reus, the capital of Lower Camp, was once a walled city. Currently, the Ravales delimit the old town differentiating what was inside and outside the walls. It is an ideal for walking and spend the day, as the town center offers a variety of shops and restaurants city. We recommend that as you go walking raise your view as you'll find several buildings in Art Nouveau style.


Port Aventura

Just a few minutes drive from the center of Salou is one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe: Port Aventura. Whether you are someone who you like excitement and entertainment you can not miss this awesome experience.


Port Aventura is divided into five thematic areas acclimated in historical civilizations: the Far West, Mexico, China, Polynesia and Mediterranean. In each you will find attractions such as the famous Dragon Khan roller coaster, shows, shops and restaurants on the same theme. In addition, there is also an area dedicated to the smallest set in Sesame Street, SésamoAventura.


And if you have enough, in summer you can also enjoy Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, a water park with Caribbean style annex to PortAventura. which has many water attractions, ideal to escape the heat.


Sources in Salou

The jets of the sources of Salou are one of the most attractive shows at outdoor town. From Easter to November 1, Salou offers a spectacle of light and color. Along the Paseo Jaime I, parallel to the beach, you'll find 3 different sources which represent water shows.


First of all, and also the most popular, it is located in Plaza Francesc Germà and is named after La Fuente Luminosa. Behind the visual spectacle that this represents a great symbolism reminiscent of the popular movement that claimed the creation of the municipality lies. In short: more than 200 combinations shifts spread over 90 seconds.


Just on the other end of the promenade, near the Yacht Club is Cybernetics Source, formed by 1000 jets, geysers and a water maze in the central area you can walk, is not it funny? And all accompanied by the choreography of fountains with light and music.


The Maze, located in half of the ride and sheltered by the monument to King James I, offers a set of water jets, which tempts both young and old alike to try to cross it without getting wet, quite a difficult challenge to achieve.


Attention! All these shows are subject to schedules that vary depending on the date, so you should first consult the exact moment that will begin this activity.

Beaches in Salou

If you like to do on vacation is going to the beach, Salou offers a variety of and for everyone. In addition, large volume of hotels are located around the coast so access them will be that much easier.


The main beach and the largest is the Levante, with 1.2km long. It is located just opposite the Paseo Jaime I and borders the Yacht Club of Salou. It is also the busiest because of its proximity to the tourist area of ??town.


A little further away, we find the Poniente beach, similar to Levante features. It is parallel to Paseo Miramar, is fine and gently sloping sandy sea, so it is ideal to go with children.


Chaplains beach, with features Creek, is located in the city center. It is about 200m in length, it is of calm waters and fine sand and highlights its smooth entry into the sea. This beach, with blue flag distinction, can be accessed directly from the road along the coast or along the Camino de Ronda.


A few minutes walk away is the Long Beach, which is the most extension of Cap Salou. It is surrounded by pine forests and on the back runs along the entire beach a pedestrian promenade. Its remoteness makes the tourist area in question one of the quietest beaches in the municipality.


In case you prefer to go to coves, Salou also offers a wide variety of them. Most of them are located in Cap Salou, including Llenguadets can find Cala, Cala Font, Cala Crancs, Cala Penya Tallada i Punta del Cavall. Do you targeted all?

Sports in Salou

The good climate of the area to which we referred above favors the practice of sports in Salou. Therefore, it is not surprising to be walking and find people running down the walk or doing gymnastics. However, we will list some areas where you can go to get your inner adventurer and athlete.


The first is the Bosc Aventura, located in the center of Salou. It is an ideal place to spend a fun-filled day in nature, both in family and with friends. Facilities include a park of zip lines through which slide, several Tibetan bridges and climbing wall. However, if you still have forces also you can make a game of paintball or mini golf.


And if you love water sports, you recomenadmos attend the Nautical Costa Daurada, which offers a variety of activities and complementary. Routes from diving to windsurfing, sailing excursions through. All that and more can be found in the marina of Salou!

Monuments in Salou

If it is true that if you visit Salou spend most of your time lying on the beach enjoying the excellent weather or refreshing pool in one of the hotels in Salou.


However, we recommend you take time out on your holiday to discover the most symbolic places of the municipality. Most of them are located around the Paseo Jaime I, which we recommend a walk from end to end. In it, you'll find the harbor promenade, the lighthouse of Salou and the monument to Jaime I, which stands on the head of all passersby place. And if you want to see a beautiful sunset, do not forget to walk the walk near the beach Capellans, It will be magical!

Leisure in Salou

The Winter Festival of Salou is celebrated from the last week of January and among its acts highlights the Coso Blanco. The most heavily attended event of these celebrations is a night parade of floats with sound and light show. Each coach has his own costume and several choreographies and as they parade takes place a battle of confetti among all participants.


The Feast of King James I, held the first week of September, represents the conquest of Mallorca, the biggest victory of the king against the Saracens. They are held several events, among the most prominent are a historical recreation of the exit to the Balearic Islands and a medieval market with artisans and stops food products.


And if you decide to see firsthand how the night in Salou and out move the skeleton in one of its clubs, we recommend visiting Flashback and Tropical two stores open all year and have years ensuring good music and good atmosphere in their dance floors. And in summer, you can also go to the pub Nikita's free!


Facts about Salou

What a beautiful city Salou, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of Salou that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.


  • ... Did you know Salou obtained the certificate of Sports Tourism Destination in the form of football last 2013?

  • ... Did you know Salou is a very famous holiday town for foreign students? In fact, in May popularly known Salou Fest is held.

  • ... Did you know the Coso Blanco party that we've told you above 15 tons of confetti they are thrown half?

  • ... Did you know the Rally RACC Salou passes?

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