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Why do tourism Barcelona?

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city. Barcelona is art and culture , not only in its museums, but also in its streets. Barcelona is fun on every corner, thanks to the large number of leisure and tourism activities that you can do.

Barcelona is tradition , consolidated with the work of many years. Barcelona is also gastronomy . Restaurants of all kinds hope to delight your palate. Barcelona is multicultural , as it contains a great diversity of cultures, which contribute their grain of sand to expanding the diversity of the city.

Barcelona is unique in the world and a mandatory tourist destination . The immense variety of hotels in Barcelona allows us to get closer to all its monuments, streets, beaches and corners. We want you to live Barcelona for a few days! Can you come with us?

Which sites to visit in Barcelona?

Barcelona is organized into ten districts comprising its 73 districts. Since, we detail some of the main areas that you must visit, with its highlights, and to facilitate your visit to the city.


Ciutat Vella invites you to visit the La Barceloneta. There, you can cool off in the port of Barcelona, ??one of the most modern in Europe. And if you have plans to travel to Barcelona in the summer, you can do it in the most popular beach near the city, one of the main tourist attractions, among families. Walking through the streets of Barceloneta, you will see such famous hotels like the Hotel Arts Barcelona or the W Hotel.

Barri Gotic

As you go from there westward, you'll meet the medieval and Roman streets of the picturesque Gothic Quarter, the oldest in the city core. Feel its streets, full of years of history, that if you look closely, you whisper thousands of anecdotes of all people that ever walked.

Barrio Sagrada Familia, Montjuic, motherhood and San Ramon

Towards the center, the Eixample district is home to the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia, how this ring a bell? The light district is a visit Montjuïc Sants-Montjuïc. And those who want to enjoy some football tourism, the district of San Ramon Maternity and located in the district of Les Corts hides the famous home of FC Barcelona.

Barrio del Tibidabo and Gracia District

You see Barcelona at your feet from the district of Sarria-Tibidabo district San Gervasi and you approach the best hotels in the Gracia district so you're closer than ever to the Barcelona core.

Plaza Catalunya

Do not forget to visit the central square of Barcelona, ??named after Plaça Catalunya, which serves as a union between some of the districts. In it, you'll find restaurants, shops and the best atmosphere in Barcelona. For sightseeing and try the best dishes with the best background music Hard Rock Cafe. For these areas you will find from large department stores to small boutiques with exclusive trading articles and you will not find anywhere else.


Moving away from the center, we find the mountain of Montserrat, located on the outskirts, a serralada that has a monastery full of legends and history. This sacred abbey has a tradition of many years.

Its choir is one of the oldest in Europe, and the sierra has very characteristic shapes, don't miss it!

The magic of Gaudi in Barcelona

At this point, no one would doubt that Gaudí is one of the most famous Spanish architects. An artist ahead of his time, who played with geometric shapes and that during his creative life left gifts of many architectural elements throughout the Catalan Community. But if we had to stand out from all a city that was lucky with his creations, this is, without doubt, Barcelona.

His masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia is a basilica known worldwide and will, without doubt, one of the mandatory tourist spots if you spend your holiday in Barcelona. Although not yet finalized, it is predicted that their work will end in 2026, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the death of its creator. Anyway, today you can see perfectly almost all his work. Once there, we recommend hiring an audioguide to understand in depth each of the corners of this famous temple and admire how Gaudí thought of every detail when it comes to make its creation more global recognition.

Following their work, the famous Parc Güell dragon will accompany you on your walk, and buildings of La Pedrera and Casa Batllo would be hidden among the facades of the Paseo de Gracia if it were not for its shape so characteristic. The lights and shadows play inside through their famous windows. Must here take a camera in hand.

Barcelona from the sea

If you want to see Barcelona from the sea, you can hire different boat tours to enjoy the sights of the Catalan city from the surface of the waves. The name of these boats is named "Barcelona Swallows". Near the viewpoint of Columbus you will find information and box office ticket sales, exactly the Portal de la Pau s / n. The routes vary in price depending on the time of the trip.

Barcelona from the clouds

In the beginning of the promenade, near the Port of Barcelona, ??you can access the "Mirador de Colon" to see Barcelona from above. The green of the city and its charming streets will greet you from below while you find yourself contemplating uploaded vistas.También can hop on a cable car connecting the Mirador de Montjuïc with the Port of Barcelona. You will resist enjoy the best views of the city from the top?

A Spanish Village in Barcelona

If you spend your holiday in Barcelona, ??another tourist attraction is the Poble Espanyol. There lies a town with some of the finest architectural monuments of Spain, like the Tower of Utebo Zaragoza, or Cadiz Street Cots, reproduced to scale. Up to 117 of the country's most emblematic buildings they are included in this Barcelona neighborhood so characteristic. For a moment, you will doubt if you are in your own hometown or spending a few days in Barcelona.

Parks in Barcelona

Perhaps you are one of those who like to see the green areas of big cities. In that case, and since we don't want you to miss out on any of them, we recommend the best natural places to visit in Barcelona .

The Parc del Laberint D'Horta is a historical park in the north of the province. In fact, it is the oldest in the city. Get lost in its corridors and you will discover sculptures and fountains of incomparable beauty. A secret, on Wednesdays and Sundays entry is free ;-).

In case you are going to spend your holidays in a hotel in the center of Barcelona, the Parc de la Ciutadella will be very close to where you are. This park has a large area and areas where you can walk. Inspired by the Luxembourg Gardens located in Paris, don't forget to take a photo with the famous mammoth sculpture or in one of its lakes. A large number of secrets await to be discovered on your walk through this special place.

Barcelona lights

Imagine all the buildings, squares, hotels and monuments of Barcelona with their lights on. You sure think of it as a unique visual spectacle ... and you're not wrong. Among all of them, we want to highlight two of the most luminous.

If the Agbar tower , a business tower, is already interesting to see due to its curious shape, at night it becomes a building full of colors. And if you are going to book a hotel in Plaza de España , you can see Montjuïc illuminated from there and take a walk until you reach the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia). From that place, you will observe the streets of Barcelona full of lights. Take a look at the schedule of the Montjuïc fountain light show, an event that you cannot miss.

Shopping in Barcelona

If you want to go shopping, visit the Plaza de Toros de Plaza España , which has recently been converted into a shopping center, or take a walk along Passeig de Gràcia , the ideal place to do your best shopping.

If you haven't had enough yet and you have money left in your purse, in the center of Barcelona is the well-known Portal D'Àngel . There, you will surely find what you are looking for. The best stores and brands have a presence in these streets. From clothing stores, to electronics and shoe stores. Prepare your credit card. And if you don't mind moving around, in the well-known La Roca Village shopping center, located just 1 hour from Barcelona, you will find the best brands at the best price throughout the year. An outlet that you cannot miss if you stay in Barcelona!

Restaurants and cafes in Barcelona

Surely seeing so many and such varied places to eat, you wonder which is the best restaurant in Barcelona or where to go for a coffee. In the La Boquería Market , you will find traditional shops that have been active for years and where you can give your palate a treat. You will find the best access from the Rambla .

Do you remember the famous series "Lost"? Well, if you visit Barcelona, you can have some tapas in a place called Bharma, set on the filming set of the famous series. Similarly, if you like crêpes, a visit not to be missed is the Creperie Brettone. There, a bus is adapted as a kitchen, the cinema people as people to eat and a varied decoration gives color to the walls ... what do you want to know ?!

Step into a fairy tale. The El Bosque de las Hadas cafeteria, located in an alley near the beginning of the Rambla and the Wax Museum, in the Passatge de la Banca, is perfectly set like a forest inside. Having a coffee sitting inside will be an experience.

Facts about Barcelona

What a beautiful city Barcelona , right? In case everything we have told you so far does not convince you, we are going to tell you some secrets of Barcelona that will help you arouse your curiosity even more.

  • Did you know that on one of the façades of the Sagrada Família there is a set of numbers in the form of a matrix? If you add their numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, it always gives 33, the age of Christ.
  • Did you know that the Columbus statue does not really point to America?
  • Did you know that La Rambla should actually be called Las Ramblas? In fact, there are 5 Ramblas that create the 2 km long walk.
  • Did you know that there are 12 abandoned train resorts in Barcelona ?
  • Did you know that the Portal de l'Àngel is the busiest street in Spain ?

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