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Hotels Granada is your ideal travel agency to find the best hotels in Granada at the best prices. The charm of its streets and monuments will make you get deep in its history and in each of its corners.


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¿Why do tourism Granada?

If something Granada is going to get to live a unique and magical experience. One of the main tourist centers in Spain and has that special charm that hundreds of feelings. Granada will get you fall in love with her.


Fall in love with his art and his people. On the doors, terraces, promenades, parks .. everywhere! Music, joy and grace. Fall in love with its climate and sun. The city of Granada has an excellent and if you exceed the heat, you can always spend a day on the beach of Motril time.


Fall in love with their food. Get ready to sample the delights of the south. Leave aside the diet for a few days, see how you thank to try their delicacies. Water Fall in love a thousand adjectives. Natural, fresh, relaxing and whispery.


Let yourself fall in love with the air in the famous Sierra Nevada in the province. Fill your lungs purity, let the noise of the crowd in the city center. And we will put here the end point, although from we could go on with the list. The reason? We are in love with Granada.

¿Which sites to visit in Granada?

Granada is a city made ??up of lots of neighborhoods. Then we name the most significant and the main attractions for many tourists'll be able to finish deciding on which place is the place to book your hotel in Granada. Do you the you aim too?


The old Jewish quarter is the Realejo. A quiet and very pleasant area where a walk. If you have trouble finding it, we give you a clue; its streets are at the foot of the most symbolic monument of the city. You know which one is? This we have named above ;-).


Realejo north, it is the Albaicín, Granada one of the most charming neighborhoods throughout the city. Muslims strokes influenced the construction of their homes and today is a set of narrow streets and small. On the other hand, the facades of whitewashed houses receive flowers motif. Lovely, is not it?


If we continue to walk a few blocks to the east, we reach the Sacromonte, the neighborhood over the city race. It is said that the art of flamenco was born in these streets and corners. Traditional homes are actually caves. Do not be surprised to walk through the streets and fill your ride sound of guitars, clapping and quejíos. Ole!

The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada

In case you want to feel more fresh and natural air, away from the city, you have this possibility. Outside you will find the region of the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada landscapes. In the village will surprise its unique and picturesque architecture. You can find springs near or encourage you to make excursions.

In conclusion, if you want to see every corner, to book a hotel night in Granada it is not enough, there's too many things to do!

Nature in Granada

Sierra Nevada is one of the most important natural parks nationwide. The activities you can undertake are varied and depend on the time of year. Stroll through his ways and observe its beautiful flora and fauna. Acquires the Andalusian views climb to the top of some mounds. Make risk sports and in winter, you can enjoy some of the best Spanish ski resorts.


Instead, if you do not want to get away from the village but you have the pleasure of strolling through parks, Granada gives you the possibility. You can visit the gardens of Quinta Alegre every day. Green areas which were private, owned by bankers and people with high purchasing power, are now open so you can enjoy them.


Finally, the Generalife Gardens are the green areas of the famous monument of the Alhambra. Is an extra price at the entrance of the monument but from we recommend you embarquéis in this experience. The beauty of these fields and the distribution of its corridors and fountains will be a plus for your trip.

Events in Granada

If you are thinking of booking your hotel in March, you will have the opportunity to attend a well - known event among the Grenadian people. Delight of the best cuisine in Granada in Tapas Contest held annually. The restaurants will offer their most elaborate and original to show their art and quality dishes.


However, if your stay coincides between late June and early July, it held the International Festival of Music and Dance. If you normally Granada is a city full of music and tradition, imagine at this time. Surely you can not hold your feet to dance, Exciting!


Finally, it would be difficult to talk about the events of Granada and not name his Easter. Tradition, faith and devotion flood the streets to show respect to virgins and Christs of the brotherhoods of the city. A festival full of feeling.

Culture in Granada

In case you want to grow your knowledge, attends the CajaGranada Museum. There, you will know past, present and future of the autonomous region. In addition, according to the date exhibitions that vary and a lot of workshops that will make your visit more interactive and participatory performed. One way to learn very different from the traditional.


Another cultural attractions is the House-Museum Federico Garcia Lorca. The famous writer and one of the most famous literary symbols of the country lived in the Huerta de San Vicente. Today, you can visit your home and discover some of his manuscripts or drafts. Also you find photographs and drawings scattered around the house-museum. Who knows, maybe just getting the inspiration he received in his day the poet.

Relax in Granada

Everyone needs quiet time. You too. If you decide to relax on your vacation, there are hotels in Granada with spa. Still, the city offers you the opportunity to reassure you of a special and different way.


There are Arab baths with beautiful ornaments in the middle of town. In them, we discovered that the ancestors and enjoyed the tranquility that the Grenadian waters offer. What we said, everyone needs quiet moments. Prices vary depending on whether you want a massage or some extra service. Forget the stress!

Monuments in Granada

Do you start to feel within yourself Granada magic? To help you make your trip as possible, we indicate some points of interest you can visit if you want to spend your holiday in Granada. The symbolic monument that you were talking about earlier, is without doubt, the Alhambra. Did you know? It is a city built in Granada, formed by a group of palaces and gardens full of culture and history. The architectural style, patios and shadows that invite you to play through the halls full of art, jaw-dropping anyone who visits.


If you think just here, you're wrong. There is still much more. We recommend a visit to City Hall, formerly a convent with churches around. After being demolished, it was the City of Granada who chairs the charming Plaza Del Carmen.

Jewel of Christianity

As we said earlier, Granada is a city with great faith and beliefs. These feelings we see reflected in the large number of monuments influenced by Christianity. To begin, the Cathedral of Granada is one of the most important. Their shapes, their painting and ornaments give you an idea of ??how important religion in the city. Inside, you'll find the Royal Chapel, where they live the Catholic Kings of Spain. The ornaments of the tombs are worth seeing helpful information. If you want to differentiate the tomb of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, looking at the graves the initial letters of each.


Nearby, another important monument is the Monastery of St. Jerome beside a church. Outside is a building that surprises, but encourage to visit inside. The paintings and altar deserve to pay attention and take a few minutes to stay silent.


Finally, in the most flamenco neighborhood of Granada, Sacromonte Abbey, one of the main religious centers of the city it is located. Its popularity is due to the significance of this temple festivals and processions in times of pilgrimage and Easter.

Granada from the clouds

And if there was any point or viewpoint from which to observe the beautiful Granada? Yes, and it's free! You know, from we offer the cheapest trip. Can you tell the alley where you ate and the door of the hotel where you are staying?


Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, described the view from one of the viewpoints that you will indicate as "the most beautiful sunset in the world" (the setting sun most beautiful in the world). Named Mirador de San Nicolas, you can find in the neighborhood of Albaicin and see the beautiful views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada, among others .. A romantic place, a place to think, one of the opportunities that gives you Granada to save some beautiful memories within you.


Another viewpoint from which you can have a good view is the Mirador de Granada. Its location is very close to public car park of the Alhambra. The special charm of this viewpoint is due to the frequent visits of people of Granada, accompanying the experience of watching the city at your feet with the background sound of his flamenco touches.

Facts about Granada

What a beautiful city Granada, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of Granada that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.


... Did you know that the Muslim Alhambra means "Red Fortress"? This name is because the Muslims had to work day and night since its construction was very rushed. At night, workers worked in the light of the fires that equipped her red reflex the walls of the imposing monument.


... Did you know what happened when Muslims were given the keys of the city to the Kings of Castilla? Legend has it that the Moorish king Boabdil began to mourn and her mother replied him: "Weep like a woman who could not defend like a man." This legend is known as "The Sigh of the Moor."


... Did you know that it is believed that the first kingdom of Granada was built in the eleventh century? That means this century complies nothing more and nothing less than 1000 years!


... Did you know that the Alhambra is a sundial with its shadow play?


... Did you know that such is the pride they had the builders of the Alhambra, which was even offered the throne to the one who got to play the hand placed atop the Gate of Justice with his spear?