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Why go tourism in Donostia-San Sebastián?

Perhaps when you think of San Sebastián, a city that offers an excellent standard of living comes to mind and you are not far away. This municipality has beaches near its old town, as we will indicate later, and which are endowed with great charm and excellent gastronomy (you just have to take a look at the number of Michelin Stars in the region). If you are thinking of booking a hotel in San Sebastián , get ready to lick your fingers.

This Basque city was chosen by many important figures of the time with a high purchasing power, as the city where to spend the holidays. Therefore, the fact that it became so popular in a short time shouldn't surprise you, right?

Its streets received influences from the country located a few kilometers away, France . And its center began to boast of the luxury and glamor of the people who were going to visit San Sebastián.. Today, it remains one of the most famous destinations among thousands of tourists for its history, culture and gastronomy . As we have said: quality of life. Are you going to miss it?

What places to visit in Donostia-San Sebastián?

One tip: use the means of transport you prefer to get there, but once you are in the streets of San Sebastián , the only way to get around is by yourself. In this way, you will savor every alley of this charming city with more intensity. In addition, the hotels are a few minutes walk from any corner. You can't miss anything!

Casco Viejo San Sebastián

The Old Town brings together buildings and constructions with a Parisian look, with balconies full of ornaments and nods to elegance. Also, you will surely visit it if you want to try a pintxos bar. These streets have the title of having the world's highest concentration of bars. Impossible for you to miss them.

Port of San Sebastian

And if something characterizes the city of Donostia, it is the port that delimits the city from its charming beach. The sea breeze and the freshness will accompany you on your walk. But be careful! It is clear that the beaches of San Sebastián are beautiful and unique, but they are also wild in some seasons of the year. Therefore, when you walk along the boardwalk, do not get too close to the coast or you will end up drenched without meaning to.

Hondarribia, Hendaye and Getaria

Finally, if you like both the city you want to get to know the surroundings, do not miss typical villages north of the province as Hondarribia, or the first French coastal towns, Hendaye and Getaria.

Beaches in San Sebastián

San Sebastián has 3 charming urban beaches that you must visit. La Concha beach is the most popular of the three, did you know it? It is located at the foot of the promenade and the famous bay. The vast expanse of its sand and its quiet beaches will invite you to stop sightseeing for a few minutes and bathe in its waters.

A few minutes walk along the coast, you arrive at the Ondarreta beach , the smallest of the three and the most traditional. This beach is less touristy and the most visited by families looking for more relaxation. The views that you will have while you are lying on its sand will be incredible. Finally, the third beach is Zurriola . Possibly, surf lovers knew this corner of San Sebastián, since its waters offer perfect waves to practice this sport.

And if you like little-known beaches, we recommend you take a boat in the port and go to a beautiful island located in the middle of the bay, Santa Clara Island . Dive into its waters observing the bay and the magical city in front of you. Precious experience, don't you think?

Events in San Sebastian

You will wonder what are the most important events in San Sebastián . From we leave you some of them so you don't miss them. The city of Donostia is famous for celebrating the San Sebastián International Film Festival , which has had visits from great cinema figures. The spotlights and cameras are pending each year the steps of the red carpet at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián . Can you imagine being having a pintxo in the same bar as Robert de Niro?

La Tamborrada is a typical festival celebrated in January. On this day, the drums are continuously beating for 24 hours singing a traditional song from the San Sebastian city. And if you are thinking of booking a hotel in San Sebastián in August, you will be lucky to enjoy the “Aste Nagusia” event . For a whole week, the city fills with colors and excitement. Fireworks, concerts and rural sports competition. Yes, you read that right, rural sports. Some of them are: cutting logs or dragging stones. How curious!

Museums in San Sebastián

In San Sebastián you can enjoy two museums that will show you the most interesting things about the city. The San Telmo Museum will give you a master class on the culture and history of the Basque community. And if you are interested in learning about the history of the city, who stepped on it, the rate of growth and the most important factors that made San Sebastián the way it is today, the House Museum of History is a must-see.

Fine dining in San Sebastian

As we have commented, the quality of gastronomy in San Sebastián has the highest mark. In fact, it is one of the aspects for which many tourists decide to visit this city in the north of the Peninsula. We show you three options to eat and, in this way, put the icing on the cake to your vacation (pun intended).

The first and most famous is to go for pintxos . A pintxos is a small slice of bread with a portion of food on top. There are all kinds of them and the Donostiarras show their originality to awaken every papilla of your palate. One recommendation: La Cuchara de San Telmo , in the old part of the city, invites you to try the variety of the best pintxos. Quite an art.

In addition, the inhabitants of San Sebastián are lucky to live all year round in one of the cities in the world with the most Michelin Stars in the world. In fact, there are 15 stars spread over 7 restaurants in the city. You can find the famous Arzak Restaurant on the outskirts of the city and delight yourself with its delicacies.

From mid-January to the end of April, cider is in season. If you are a fan of this drink, book your hotel on these dates and try the traditional drink accompanied by the best gastronomy. I really want to go to San Sebastián!

Monuments in San Sebastián

El Peine del Viento is one of the city's most famous icons, in charge of removing tangles from the sea breeze and calming the whispers of the wind, which you may hear from your hotel room. The three steel structures are located at one end of the Bay. Do not miss it!

Visit the San Sebastián City Hall , which acted as a casino years ago. Its structure and its golden color will invite you to take a photo. You can continue with your itinerary right in front, in the Alderdi Eder Gardens , a walk characterized by green and overlooking the beach.

Go on, we recommend you buy the products of the land in the crowded La Bretxa Market and observe the Miramar Palace , a building that houses the San Sebastián Higher School of Music and that was, nothing more and nothing less, that the summer residence of the former Spanish monarchy.

Some of the most important monuments in cities are usually churches, and San Sebastián is not far behind. The Santa María del Coro Church stands above the heads of its inhabitants. Go inside and admire its beautiful vaults. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is the protagonist in the romantic streets of San Sebastián and the most notorious religious building in your visit. Without a doubt, a "must " in your visit.

San Sebastian from above

We know that you surely want a "top" photo to put on the cover of your vacation photo album. Therefore, what better than a panoramic view of the city at your feet? From we recommend the best views.

Go up in a charismatic funicular at Plaza del Funicular , 4. You will arrive at Monte Igueldo and have impeccable views of San Sebastián. Another option is to go to Monte Urgull . You can get there by following the path of the bay. You can take a walk up the mountain with views of the bay on the horizon. At the top of the mound is the Castillo de la Mota . When you are there, sit back, breathe and feel the peace in every part of your being. How beautiful is San Sebastián!

Facts about Donostia-San Sebastián

What a beautiful city San Sebastián, right? In case everything we have told you so far does not convince you, we are going to tell you some secrets of San Sebastián that will help you arouse your curiosity even more.

  • Did you know that there is a railing on the Paseo de San Sebastián upside down ? All the flowers at the top of the circle face the sea except one, which faces the city.
  • Did you know that in the song "Immortal" by the famous group "La Oreja de Van Gogh" the Island of Santa Clara is named?
  • Did you know that the Paseo de La Concha was going to be a great port? But the boost of tourism in a few years, prompted the construction of the most iconic promenade in the city.
  • Did you know that there are more than 100 gastronomic societies in the city of San Sebastián?
  • Did you know that San Sebastián will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016 ?