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¿Why do tourism Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the islands in the Balearic archipelago. It is the closest island to the mainland, just the tip of Cape Alicante. If something's not surprising, is it one of the most popular destinations nationally and internationally. If you want to know because you are some of the reasons.


Despite being very small, you'll be busy all day. It has over 210 kilometers of beaches, which are equipped with a charm and unique beauty. If you want to go to Ibiza to rest, its fine white sand invites you to lay out at his expense. And if you are one of those who love diving, its crystal clear water will allow you to watch colorful marine species in their natural habitat to perfection.


On the other hand, you can visit different areas of the island that have been influenced by civilizations over the years. In fact, one of the neighborhoods of Ibiza receives the title of World Heritage Site. If you want to know your name, you will continue reading a little more.


Instead, one of the aspects for which Ibiza is popular, is its nightlife. famous people come to the island to enjoy the evening in some of the most popular clubs in Europe. If you want to know some in depth in the section on "Night in Ibiza" you are some of the best known.


So do not hesitate, book your hotel in Ibiza, prepares the suitcase and a holiday you will always remember. By the way, do not forget a traditional white whole island to wear it one night and make a photograph in the light of the moon.


A bonus track; its location is great if you want to visit two of the most famous islands of Spain on your vacation. Ibiza is very close to another island. You can book a night hotel in Formentera, the neighboring island and boat to go there.

Dalt Vila Ibiza

The center of the capital of the island, which receives the same name, is small and charming. A few steps you can find the most popular district of Ibiza is the de Dalt Vila and received the title of World Heritage Site. It is located the foot of the wall of the wall and the Castle of Ibiza, two of the most popular tourist points of interest. Strolling through the busy streets that are part of the old town. They are filled with stalls and is postcard perfect thanks to the traditional white facades.

San Antoni

After Ibiza, the most populated area is San Antoni. It is an idyllic destination and if you want to visit the island for its nightlife, stay in a hotel in San Antonio is a good decision. At night, the best pubs, and by day, beautiful beach. What more could you ask for?

santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is the third most populous core after the two previously discussed. It is a popular destination for families and tourists looking for something more relaxing, as some of the most popular beaches are very close to the hotels.


Finally, we want to give you a gift. If you want to enjoy the best sunset of the island, you have to go to Benirrás. By nightfall on the beach Benirrás, hundreds of tourists gather to watch the sun sets behind the horizon to the beat of drums. Locals flock to the beach to play the drums and make this experience a magical moment.

Night in Ibiza

The night atmosphere in Ibiza is hard to match. The streets are crowded and public relations are everywhere to convince the club they work the best. From we give you a tip: You can buy your tickets in advance to get discounts, either via online or in some stalls tickets. If you are lucky and that day is not very crowded nightclub, you can even get a bracelet with free or very cheap entrance at the gates hours before opening.


- Pacha Ibiza:


The best Djs your appointment at the nightclub Pacha Ibiza, one of the most popular dance halls of the island are not lost. The two cherries will welcome you to a night of debauchery, color, rhythm, music and live entertainment.


- Amnesia:


Amnesia is a disco located just outside the city center. The best foam parties held in his big stage and one of the best atmospheres of Ibiza.


- Ushuaia and Bora Bora:


If you want the party is in the pool of your hotel literally in the Ushuaïa hotel you will enjoy one of the best parties of the island. However, if you want to enjoy the best music on the coast of Ibiza, Playa d'en Bossa is ideal thanks to Bora Bora, an unmissable every Sunday nightclub.


- Privilege:


Finally, we could not forget Privilege, the largest club in Europe. If you do not think Ibiza is one of the places where there's more party in Europe, I see for yourself!

Nature in Ibiza

Es Vedra is an island that can be seen perfectly from Cala d'Hort and is one of the most emblematic of the island icons. You can not visit, but their height will not leave you indifferent.


From we recommend climb to the viewpoint of Cala d¡Hort to see the sun set behind the majestic rocky landscape. If you are curious; Did you know Es Vedra land it is considered paranormal and mystery? Learn more details by reading the "Facts about Ibiza" section.

The hippest Ibiza

One of the adjectives that characterized and described the island of Ibiza is hippie. Already in the 30s, hundreds of people flocked to the island attracted by the air of liberation. Today, even though Ibiza has changed a lot, it is still latent.


When you leave your hotel to wander the streets of Ibiza, you will not be a difficulty finding some outdoor market and buy some of artisanal products sold in different positions. But if there is a market that is really interesting is the hippie market Las Dalias. It is open on Saturdays from April to October from 10am to 20pm, and if you want to take a walk in the evening, you will visit Monday from June to September, and Tuesday, July and August. The hours are from 19h to 1am.


Do you think little? In addition to acquiring one of the traditional products of the island and crafts, you can have a drink in one of its bars and restaurant or go to a party of its streets. Do not miss it!

Beach in Ibiza

If you are spending your holiday in Ibiza, perhaps you're looking for is beach and relax. You are some of our favorites to not miss them.


1. Cala D'Hort: you above and we have already indicated that is where better the islet of Es Vedra is. Yachts and boats are a common sight on the horizon. What a treat to swim in these waters!


2. Saladeta Cala is located near the neighborhood of San Antoni. It seems a natural pool in the sea. By the color of their waters and sand, you think you're in one of the Caribbean beaches. We recommend going early, as it is usually a fairly busy afternoon beach and not get sun.


3. The Cala Xarraca is one of the best beaches for diving thanks to its crystal clear water in the north of Ibiza.


4. Another of the beaches that you have indicated is the Playa d'en Bossa. It is one of the most famous and youth of the island. One reason is that parties are held outdoors during the day.


5. Finally, in the south you will enjoy Sa Caleta, a lovely beach, with only 100 meters long. Without a doubt, it is one of the places you can not miss and that will make your trip to Ibiza is excellent.

Facts about Ibiza

What a beautiful city Ibiza, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of Ibiza that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.

  • ... Did you know that on the islet of Es Verda have seen lights at sea, spotted UFOs and metallic noises heard in the depths? In fact, a plane had to land in Valencia emergency because he pursued a strange flying object. Just it was when it passed over the island of Es Vedra.
  • ... Did you know that the island of Ibiza tripling its population in summer?
  • ... Did you know that the only river in the Balearic Islands is in Ibiza? Today is dry by exploitation of groundwater that supply the river.
  • ... Did you know that the island of Ibiza was one of the islands most desired by pirates who wanted to gain control of salt?
  • ... Did you know the Privilege nightclub is the largest in Europe?

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