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B&B Il Girasole

Piazzale Domenico Colucci 8, 72017, Rosa Marina • 11.4 km from the city centre
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Accommodation facilities/services

Main Areas

Air-conditioning in the main facilities
Smoking Area

Wifi and Internet


Main Hotel Services

Safety lockers
Free Lugagge Room


Lounge with TV

Transfers / Transfer

Shuttle to the airport (check fee)
Transfer to the airport

Room services

Room Services


Apartment services

Pay mini-fridge


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Frequently asked questions about B&B Il Girasole

Does the B&B Il Girasole have wifi connection?

The B&B Il Girasole has Wi-Fi.

Is there heating in B&B Il Girasole?

Yes, B&B Il Girasole has heating in the common areas.

Is there air conditioning in the common areas at B&B Il Girasole?

Yes, B&B Il Girasole has air conditioning in the common areas.
B&B Il Girasole
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