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If you're here, it's because you do not know us yet, right? Therefore, on this page we will explain everything that may interest you about us. We hope that in this section your doubts are solved, and if you still have any, contact us and we will attend you at ease!

What is

We are a booking portal where you can find and book hotels and apartments in Spain, Portugal, France and Andorra . In our main page you will find a search engine where you can search the municipality that interests you, choose the dates you want to travel and we will show you all the available accommodations.

Who is behind is part of the group Viajes Para Ti SLU. We are a travel agency and we have other 2 commercial brands that may sound more like you. One is , a flash sales website with prices that you will find hard to believe, and the other is , where you can find offers for ski and mountain packages.


How did emerge?

It was in 2003 when our company was formed, with at the helm. We started selling ski trips in a very humble way, and after years of experience in the sector, nowadays more than 100,000 skiers trust us that in winter they will enjoy the snow in Spain and France.

Later, in 2011, appeared. And who does not look for trips at a bargain price? In addition to taking you to ski, appeared a new mission: find the best travel bargains , suitable for all budgets. But this project had a small drawback, and it was that it was not possible to choose any destination that our clients wanted.

That's why we have created, where you can find accommodations in any city in Spain, Portugal, France and Andorra. Where do you want to go?

How do you imagine us?

Some 4 or 5 people typing on their computers ... A very tall building in the middle of a big city? Or maybe, offices full of people and bustle? Well, neither one thing nor the other ;-). It is true that at the beginning of our history (back in 2002) we were little, but now we are 85 young people , with a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for our work and with a clear goal: to get you the best price without giving up to excellent customer service.

We leave you a photo to "make us face", although if you tell us, it is true that we do not all go out ... Anyway, if you wish, you can always come and say hello to our offices located in Reus (Tarragona).

Equipo de "Come, come, have a picture taken ... Potato!" - The team, and

Oh! Let's not forget the legal details

Since we are an online agency registered in Catalonia, and we comply with the regulations of the Generalitat of Catalonia, we are registered with a license and license GC 169 MD . This title-license guarantees all our clients that our agency has contracted civil liability insurance and guarantees in the possession of the administration to face any problem that may arise from any of our trips.
  • Address:

    Edificio TecnoParc. Despacho 129

    Avda. de Bellissens, núm. 42.

    43204 - Reus (Tarragona)

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  • License:

    Travel Agency title and license: GC-169-MD

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