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¿Why do tourism Benidorm?

In the province of Alicante it is located the city of Benidorm, a municipality which for many is the tourist capital of Valencia and one of the main points of interest nationwide. Indeed, such is its popularity, which can be compared with cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Benidorm is one of the cities with more accommodation of Spain. Hotels in Benidorm are skyscrapers that touch the clouds with the peak of their buildings. Thanks to the variety, choose the accommodation that best suits your tastes will be very easy. From hotels to go with family, even for elderly people, to rooms near places to party ... In Benidorm you find everything!

One thing is clear, good weather and the beach will be companions on your journey. So grab your best bathing suit, sunscreen not burn and enjoy the Costa Blanca!

¿Which sites to visit in Benidorm?

Benidorm is a town you go over without any difficulty, since most of the hotels are very close to all points of interest. In addition, you will be within walking distance of the best places to eat and "three steps" of some of the best beaches in the whole province.


However, if all this does not have enough, we indicate other points of interest that are very close to Benidorm and you can visit one of your vacation days.


Very few minutes north, it is located Altea, one of the most charming maritime towns of Valencia. From we recommend to sit on one of the terraces of its bars and restaurants to enjoy the sunset over the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea, it will be something magical.


Few minutes drive to the south, you will reach the provincial capital, Alicante. There, you can enjoy a multifaceted city with a wide variety of activities. If you are thinking of going to spend a night, check out the best hotels in Alicante.


Finally, Elche is one of the busiest and more influx of people of the province cities and is located a few minutes inland from Alicante Peninsula. Do not stay without saying that you've never been!

Beaches in Benidorm

You will be the protagonist in the story of your journey, but undoubtedly the beaches will be where your adventures elapse and where most stories happen if you are thinking of booking a hotel in Benidorm. From you nombarmos some of them so that you have in mind on your trip:

  • Poniente Beach is the largest and very close to the town of Benidorm. His calm shore invite you to take a walk along its coast. Did you know that the length of the beach is 3 km away?

  • The Levante beach is, along with the previously mentioned, one of the most popular of Benidorm, and even Europe. It is located at the foot of the promenade of Benidorm, where you can try the best paellas in the city surrounded by the best environment.

  • Cala Mal Pas, is a small cove of crystalline waters and fine sand that separates the two most famous beaches in the city, and you just named. Do not stay without visiting it!

  • In the Natural Park you can swim in the Cala Almadrava. Ideal for relaxation thanks to the transparency of the waters and a lovely place to feel surrounded by nature and forget the troubles environment. If you want to catch site, good luck! There are only 100 meters from shore.

Nature in Benidorm

Very close to the center of Benidorm, you'll go to the Natural Park of Sierra Frost. This park is one of the tourist spots in the itineraries for those who love nature and want to escape the influx of people for a while.

It is a sea-land park formed by transparent costs and paths you lose where you have the best views of Benidorm. If you want to know exactly the best places to see Benidorm, you will find in the "Viewpoints in Benidorm" section.

Sport in Benidorm

Who says you go on vacation is synonymous with losing the line? In Benidorm you can enjoy the best dishes and not worry about diet thanks to the sports offer that the city and the facilities it gives you Benidorm for sports offers. In addition, you will experience adventures and unique experiences on your trip you can not repeat.


In the Club Nautico de Benidorm you can hire kayak lessons and excursions along the beaches of the Costa Blanca. Rema counter and contemplate the beautiful landscapes near the city. Highly recommended!


On the other hand, if you love the sea bottom, you have the opportunity to perform various diving and snorkeling routes, depending on your degree of experience. Thanks to its crystalline waters you can observe an ecosystem of great beauty.


Finally, if you want to relax, and do it in an original way, you can go to Puerto de Benidorm. From there, buy a ticket for a boat ride that will introduce into the Mediterranean Sea. From there, you can jump to its waters or relax to do both sports. A luxury.

Leisure in Benidorm

In case you are going to spend a family holiday in Benidorm, we name 3 theme parks close to your hotel:


  • The most popular park is Terra Mitica. Feel the vertigo and adrenaline to the surface thanks to its stunning attractions. In case you do not like heights, do not worry. Enjoy the Egyptian, Greek and Roman setting by going to some of its thematic shows.

  • In Aqualandia, dive into pools of water park and not worry about the heat. Do you dare to throw you some of his tubes? Or maybe you prefer a soft race tracks family?

  • Terra Natura, where the whole family can observe animals in an ecosystem as similar as far as possible to the real, and with minimum to increase your feeling of being in full captivity barriers.

Viewpoints in Benidorm

Perhaps you wonder what are the best viewpoints in Benidorm. From you will name two of them. Still, if you're lucky enough to be staying in a room at the top of a hotel in Benidorm, you'll be in the best possible viewpoint.

  • El Mirador de Benidorm is a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is located between the two most popular beaches in Benidorm and one of the most classic points of the Valencian city. Without any doubt, you can not miss. When you're on your viewpoint you will feel in the sea and get the best pictures you can imagine.

  • Another viewpoints that you can not miss is the Mirador de la Cruz of Benidorm. It is located in the Sierra, right next to the cross. From there, you will see a panoramic formed by the famous skyscrapers of the city. Highly recommended.

Holidays in Benidorm

Although Benidorm look like a city that is on holidays every day of the year, we will tell you 3 of the most famous events to organize with the time and do not run out of room to book your hotel in Benidorm.

  • The first event is the "Low Festival" which takes place three days at the end of July. In this event you can enjoy the best parties and the best outdoor concerts.

  • The first week of September the city is full of color with Pride Day celebration or "Benidorm Pride". The gay community meets in the city of Benidorm to enjoy this event.

  • Finally, the best event of Spanish pop-rock country is in Benidorm. The "Iberia Festival" is held a few days before the above mentioned party and brings together some bands and singers in the Spanish panorama.


The exact dates of these events vary depending on the year, therefore inform yourself time to not miss them!

Facts about Benidorm

What a beautiful city Benidorm, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of Benidorm that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.

  • ... Did you know that the city of Benidorm is the city with skyscraper in Spain?

  • ... Did you know that the city of Benidorm is the city with more skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world?

  • ... Did you know that after the famous New York City, Benidorm is the city with more skyscrapers per square meter in the world?

  • ... Did you know that Benidorm was the first city in Spain to allow the use of garment named bikini on the beach?

  • ... Did you know that Benidorm is the tallest hotel in Spain? It is the Gran Hotel Bali and measures, nothing more and nothing less than 186 meters!

  • ... Did you know that the Mirador de Benidorm was formerly a fortress that served to protect the city from possible invasion?

Hotels Benidorm is your ideal travel agency to find the best hotels in Benidorm at the best prices. ideal for thousands of tourists looking to relax on the beautiful beaches of Valencia destination. However, Benidorm is not just beach. Discover it with us!


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