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Why do tourism in Valencia?

All provinces of autonomy have a beautiful coastline with relaxing landscapes where forget the stress. The beach will surely be one of your goals if you decide to go sightseeing in Valencia. Indulge its waves and current. Yes, it takes a little time to visit the cities that make up the community and have a beautiful charm.


Science is present in the capital and its museums playfully explain different aspects large and small. The minutes pass very fast when you're inside and lose the sense of time.


But something you have to enjoy safe in Valencia is its cuisine. As you stroll along the port will feel the smell of their famous paellas, which are known throughout the region and will not be able to resist trying the rice on a terrace with sea ??views.


If you're hot and you're spending your holiday in Valencia, sure you'll find a terrace that offers typical Valencian horchata.
Join her fartons of traditional and not think about the calories that you know, once a year does not hurt!

What places to visit in Valencia?

The variety of hotels in Valencia you will find is very extensive in three provinces (Alicante, Castellon and Valencia), receiving a large number of tourists in all seasons.


North of the community, Castellón offers the possibility of beach holiday in the mountains and at the same time because they are separated by a few kilometers. Also, if you decide to go sightseeing in Castellon, do not forget to visit some of its towns like Peñíscola. It is a lost in the sea, where reflected waves and white houses you will recommend the destination to all those who have estimated corner.


Continuing along the coast to the south, Gandia is a nucleus that houses the nightlife. By day, you can visit the beach just a few steps from your hotel, and at night enjoy the best dance halls and nightclubs in Valencia.


The streets of Valencia, in the middle of the province, hidden traditions and festivals, in addition to culture in its historic center buildings. Do not wait to tell you about it and watch it for yourself!


The number of hotels in Benidorm is wide and you can choose the one that best suits your case, and so, visit one of the main tourist points around the country. To get your feet wet in the salt water of the Mediterranean, you only need to head out to the doorstep as is practically within walking distance.


We can not forget to indicate the south of the community that houses Alicante, the city where you lose between the horns of small boats in the south. The castle towers are responsible for providing the good morning or good evening to all residents and tourists who visit throughout the year.


Finally, you will find near Alicante Elche, a historic city. Its streets, very different from Alicante, connecting the beach and the mountains. In fact, it takes only a few kilometers to get some of your destinations. Book your hotel in Elche at a good price and enjoy a diverse and varied holiday.

Relax in Marina D'Or

You can have a relaxing holiday in Marina D'Or, a resort offering spas where rest easy and carefree. And if you have children, it is a perfect destination for a holiday with the family as they enjoy the wide range of activities in hotels. In addition, during the different seasons and varied activities are offered packs.

Beaches in Valencia

From we want to recommend the best beaches in the Valencian Community , which you can enjoy in the summer. In Vinaroz , a town near Castellón, we find Fora Forat , a quiet beach surrounded by palm trees.

In Benitachell , a town very close to Alicante , you cannot forget to bathe in Cala Moraig and observe the Cova dels Arcs , a marine cave that hides the echo of amazement from all the tourists who visit it throughout the year.

And if you spend your vacation in a hotel in Valencia , Playa de las Arenas, has a large number of activities to do, from a walk feeling the sea breeze, eating a good paella or taking a dip. Do not miss it!

Nature in Valencia

Near Valencia is the Albufera Park. You can find panels, guides and trails to do on your walk through the park, so don't worry, you won't get lost. The mixture of green and maritime landscapes will allow you to observe Valencian flora and fauna in all their splendor.

Inside the Community we find the Hoces de Cabriel Natural Park , where the erosion of the river has perfected the landscape to show you, only you, one of the best natural parks in the Valencian Community.

The Algar fountains hide semi-natural pools, with beautiful waterfalls and fountains in the middle of nature in the community of Alicante. Say goodbye to the heat by refreshing yourself in its lakes and rivers surrounded by an inland ecosystem.

Las Fallas in Valencia

If we had to recommend a date to reserve a hotel, it would be without a doubt in Las Fallas . The colors of the best sculptures will be embraced by the scorching flames. A show that is one of the most traditional events in the Valencian Community . The accommodation in Valencia for Las Fallas is quite obsolete, so do not stay “ on the moon of Valencia” and book your hotel in the Valencian Community before there is complete capacity.

Monuments in Valencia

Take the camera, sunglasses, a little sun cream and go ahead and visit the monuments of the Valencian Community. The Turia Gardens hide a natural park within the urban Valencia. A few meters from the old town, one of the most significant icons of Valencia are the pavilions of the City of Sciences . They have an admirable architectural structure and will give you a live cultural and scientific lesson.

On the last day of your vacation in Valencia go up to the " Torre del Miguelete" . You will have the city at your feet, can you see where your hotel was ?. On the other hand, if you want to have Alicante at your feet, go up to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara.

The fortress and the Peñíscola Castle are historical monuments that you should not miss if you spend your holidays in Castellón, a castle that according to the tides will seem to be located on an island near the town.

Curiosities about Valencian Community

  • Did you know that the Oceanografic is the largest aquarium in Europe and the only one with belugas?
  • Did you know that in Plaza Lope de Vega is one of the buildings with the narrowest façade in all of Spain and Europe?
  • Did you know where the expression “Be on the Moon in Valencia” comes from? The walls of Valencia had a curfew. If you lost track of time, you had to spend the night outside the city walls.
  • Did you know that paella is actually the container where rice is cooked? Hence the name of the dish that should be called "paella rice".
  • Did you know that the Spanish Civil War ended when the port of Alicante was taken?

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