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Why do tourism Valencia?

Typical fireworks Valencia not deprive you hear the gasps from the people. Let people of Valencia for a few days tuck you and teach you their land, full of culture and history.


The beach is within few minutes from the city center. You can enjoy a relaxing day lying on one of its beaches with fine sand and the next day to visit the old town.

Moreover, the nature of its parks will show the Valencian flora and wildlife in all its splendor. Sail Bay popular Albufera with a boat and enjoy the tranquility that its waters offer.

Which sites to visit in Valencia?

Valencia is not the only place in the province to visit. In fact, the whole province has corners of high interest.

Barrio del Carmen

El Carmen district will tell the ancient history of Valencia. Escape from the noise of the most popular monuments and visit the quiet streets of this neighborhood, surrounded by the wall, enjoying the relaxation of this central but calm city center.


20 minutes from Valencia, Cullera is a town that has both beach and mountain, two elements that at first sight seem difficult to find in one place. This is one of those exceptions to every rule. Delve into history history of the place by visiting the Castle of Cullera, located on top of the mountain. When you come down, you come to visit its crystalline bay where you can take a dip whenever the weather permits you!


Xativa is another point of historical interest with many years behind. In the Middle Ages it was very popular and his castle is the mark that proves it. From the top of the mountains, its walls will give you a panoramic view of memory, cheer up!

Leisure in Valencia

You may be wondering how to have fun in Valencia, and in fact, many answers can be given the amount of recreational activities you can perform.


The first, and perhaps the most popular, is to visit the City of Arts and Sciences. Only by the impressive structure of their flags, it should be a point of interest on your journey. And if you have some extra time, we leave some activities you can do within their wards.


Dare to see a film in IMAX l 'Hemisfèric, where images carried over the screen thanks to 3D technology. Smaller learn in a fun way at the Museum of Sciences Prince Felipe, an interactive science museum. There, both small and large will enjoy with knowledge that will be treated totally differently.


Stroll through the Umbracle, a landscaped and full of sculptures walk outdoors to inspire surrounded by art and culture. Enter the Oceanográfic to observe more than 500 marine species in different aquatic ecosystems. Impressive right? And do not forget to attend a concert or theater in the Palace of Arts Reina Sofia, where great singers have brought their voices to the fore in recent years ..


And taking a turn to the subject, if you have children and you wonder where else to go with children in Valencia, Bioparc opens its doors to teach exotic species in their natural habitats. Your children will enjoy seeing their favorite animals live.

Nature in Valencia

Get away from the city center and enjoy nature in all its glory. The Albufera is the most famous parks of Valencia also boasts the largest lake in Spain. Take a boat rental and dive into the water for a leisurely stroll and discover, while paddling quietly, a lot of bird species.

Header Park is camouflaged among the crowded streets of the city of Valencia. Strolling who most want and enjoy unique views and then visit the Royal Gardens, where flowers will delight your smell with the best aromas. These two parks, both Header and the Jardines del Real, are connected by the Turia Gardens, a green area running along the Valencian streets and gives a break to the city. Ideal to feel surrounded by nature.

The best beaches in Valencia

If you are going to hire a central hotel in Valencia, you can access the beach Malvarrosa easily. Cool off and try the best Valencian cuisine in this fantastic beach. A little further away, you are El Saler Beach, a beach with a great extension. If you like being a little away from the crowd, this is your beach !.


You also have the option of visiting a slightly rough sea, surrounded by nature near the Albufera. The beach is named after Devessa Beach. Its fine sand transport you to a state of calm all the time.

If you want to enjoy one of the most pristine beaches in the province, go early to the Cala del Faro, Cullera. It covers an area of ??100 meters, so if you want to bathe in its waters do not be late or you might miss site.

Monuments in Valencia

And if you want to go sightseeing, take a stroll through the Central Market. There, traders will offer the best quality products and find delicacies typical of Valencia.


The Cathedral of Santa Maria has a mixture of architectural styles which today has become the monument that dominates the city. Vaults, monitor your steps. Nearby, you'll find the Tower of Miguelete. Climb and admire the scenery of the city you've been visiting.


In March, the smell of gunpowder invade the city. For over 250 years, the fire and the roar of firecrackers are present among the hundreds of tourists who come to enjoy this famous event, known internationally as Las Fallas. Valencia will be proud to share with you to share this event dubbed Las Fallas. The Fallas spend much of the year to build the best sculptures, the day of the festival will be consumed by the "embrace" of the flames. Really worth seeing.

Gastronomy in Valencia

Everyone has happened to us. You go to a city where you have not been and there is plenty to eat. In Valencia there are a lot of restaurants, but it wherever not forget to try the famous and rich paella. And if possible, facing the sea, you know better! Casa Carmela Restaurant will serve you the best Valencian paella with customs.


And to cool off, try the traditional Valencian horchata accompanied by fartons. And if season oranges, a good juice of this delicious fruit of the land, will give you the energy you need to finish your visit.

Curiosities about Valencia

What a beautiful city Valencia, right? As if all that you have had so far does not convince you, we're going to have some secrets of Valencia that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.


  • ... Did you know that the Tower of Miguelete was baptized with this name by which the appointment was held on September 29? This day is San Miguel.
  • ... Did you know that the Department of Social Welfare was formerly a maternity clinic known as "The Stork"? In fact, there are rumors that a ghost pursues a crying baby and is related to the only death that occurred in this clinic. Do not go alone through the streets, that fear!
  • ... Did you know that the origin of Las Fallas goes back years ago? The tradition arose because the March 19, day of the patron of the guild, burned junk and unused to improve their lot. The tradition evolved into what it is today.
  • ... Did you know that the owner of the horse that was carved on the statue of King James I often visited the workshop where it was built? In fact, when he saw his beautiful horse represented in bronze threw his cap to sculpture. What you forget is that in the hat had a ticket 1000 pesetas.

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