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Amimir Selection: Special Offers for you! 

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What is Amimir Selection and how to find these offers?

At, we want to offer you the best value for money hotels on the market, without compromising on the quality.  Find out more about our Amimir Selection programme.

What is Amimir Selection?

This is a selection of accommodation at an incredible price, but only available for a certain period of time!

How do I find these accommodations?

You can find them in several ways. On the home page, when you search for a city or region will be the first results and if you want to stay up to date through social networks!

In which destinations can I find Amimir Selection's accommodations?

Today there are more than 200 Amimir Selection! And there will be more and more :) Most of them are located in the south of Spain, in the Balearic and Canary Islands, but you will also find them in Portugal, Italy, France, Andorra and in several European capitals! Last minute surprise: we also have Amimir Selection in Morocco and Dubai!

Can new accommodations appear in Amimir Selection?

The answer is yes. Every week there are new Selections. Although today they are very focused on Spain and Portugal, Amimir Selection is going to conquer the world ;) so you will probably soon find new hotels from the program in the Middle East, North Africa, USA and Asia!

When do I have to make a booking?

If you find an Amimir Selection, you should book as soon as possible, because the hotel offer may end soon!