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¿Why do tourism Tarragona?

Tarragona is a city with many years of history. In fact, such was its importance that the Romans named it as one of the most important centers of civilization. Today, you can observe one of the most important outdoor monuments. In short: the Roman Tarraco leave you in awe. If you want to know more about the most emblematic monuments Tarragona, you will find detailed in the "Tarraco Romana" section.


If you are spending your holiday in Tarragona, the pleasant breeze of the Mediterranean Sea will make your trip more bearable. Climate enjoying themselves on the streets is ideal to enjoy the beaches for many months. The sun many days and thank you present this can make many trips without rain deprive you from going outside.


By the way, you can not lose all their fishing villages where you can try some of the tastiest seafood in Catalonia and stroll along its beaches dishes. The pleasant smell of the sea will be one of your companions while you are sitting on a terrace with a drink and a tapa.


Watch out! If you book a hotel in Tarragona, you run the risk of falling in love with each of its corners. In short, beach, sun, culture, gastronomy, freshness and even love. Before you start reading, you indicate one of the many charming sites of Tarragona, the balcony of the Mediterranean. Is not it a good place to start the route?


But do not settle only with this. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy the beach for the day and one of the best nightlife in Salou is your destination. The village is located 10 minutes drive from the city of Tarragona. Also, if you go on vacation with the kids in many hotels Salou no animation. I Willing to spend big?

Delta Ebre

South of the community, you will find some fishing villages and charming as the Delta de l'Ebre. There, you can enjoy a show which is environmental stroll along the Ebro Delta Natural Park. In addition, paellas and seafood are great. Already it is making you salivate?


If you want to visit a medieval village, Montblanc is one of the best preserved. You can transport you to another time just a few minutes from Tarragona. In addition, one week a year, this town celebrates a curious event. City travels many years back in time and its streets are filled with craft stalls and warriors battling for maidens. If you love medieval times, match your itinerary with these dates and book your hotel in Tarragona the same days.

¿Which sites to visit in Tarragona?

Finally, and to end a long list, we can not forget Poblet. You can enjoy the largest monastery inhabited Europe. It is open every day, but make sure times as they vary depending on the season. By the way, did you know that the Monasteri Poblet received the title of World Heritage?

Events in Tarragona

The two patterns of Tarragona are the protagonists of the most important events in the city. The atmosphere, people, music and txin txin of the cups flood the streets and squares of the city. We indicate the dates so do not miss them and book a hotel in Tarragona the same dates:


On August 19th is Sant Magí; the pattern of Tarragona. Since August 14 the city is full of festivity and people who want to celebrate the holidays on the street. On the 18th night is the most important and there are two key points. One in the Town Hall Square, with outdoor concerts and all open bars for you to take a drink. Another in the Plaza del Rey, hosting "the Remullada" a party full of water and color. If you want to know more, live it yourself.


From January 4 to 23 September is celebrated Santa Tecla, the most important holidays of the city, and patron of the city. Some of the most important events are the Baixada de l'Àliga where wanders a symbol of the city from the Cathedral to City Hall, or competition Human Castles where castellers rise with great effort and teamwork above all the people of Tarragona building human towers. Without any doubt, you can not perdértelos.

Food in Tarragona

If you're wondering where to eat; in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento you will find a variety of restaurants for all tastes and prices. Sit on the terrace and do not cut.


When you're walking along the Rambla de Tarragona you can not resist sit in one of its cafes. The aroma of furnaces intoxicates you when you go through the doors. On the top of the Rambla, you will find some of the restaurants have the best sea views of Tarragona.


Finally, if you want to try the seafood and fish, the best restaurants are located in the Port of Tarragona. They are highly regarded restaurants that have many years satisfying the palates of the most demanding Tarragona. To us it makes us salivate, do you?

Nature in Tarragona

Nature also has a presence in the Tarragona lands. In fact, it is a pleasure to enjoy the natural pools surrounded by nature in different parts of the province. Since we make the necessary instructions so that you do not miss anything:


- In Horta de Sant Joan, south of the province are located some of the most enchanting natural pools in the country. There are areas prepared for jumping and the water is so clear that it will be a pleasure to cool them. And all this surrounded by nature!


- The Niu de l'Aliga is a difficult point to find and a challenge for the more adventurous. It is located in the province of Alcover, north of the city of Tarragona. Wear comfortable shoes because if you want to enjoy a natural paradise must make a hiking excursion and dive deeper into the nature of the forest. The result is more than satisfactory.

Beaches in Tarragona

If you want to visit the beaches of Tarragona, you have much choice. The Mediterranean Sea washes the shores of the whole province and what better plan to cool off in the best beaches on the Costa Dorada?


In case you do not want to stray too far from your hotel in Tarragona, Miracle Beach is the closest to the city center and at the foot of the Roman amphitheater. Basking with some of the best views of Tarragona is one of the gifts that gives you the city.


If you are spending your family vacation, the beach of La Pineda is ideal. It is has all the services must have a coastal zone, refreshment stands and playgrounds. Its waters and sand will invite you to spend more than a while. Instead, if you like the hidden corners and the most pristine waters, coves of Salou are ideal.

Leisure in Tarragona

If you are left wanting more, and you have some extra time, you want two theme parks that you can not miss.


- Aquopolis is a water park located in the village of La Pineda. vertiginous tubes, wave pool and everything you expect to find in a water park. Moreover, the offer is varied. Both small and large they will have a great


- One of the most popular theme parks in Spain is PortAventura. It has some of the most extreme attractions across Europe. You have the adrenaline to the surface. And if you do not like heights, do not worry. The setting of the different areas and their shows are worth contemplating. For family travelers, it will be a pleasure to see your children enjoy the themed area Sesame Adventure with Sesame Street characters as protagonists. In addition, depending on the time of year when you go to book your hotel in Tarragona, you can enjoy a "different" PortAventura. We're talking about Halloween and Christmas. In short: go when you go you're going to spend big.

Tarraco Romana (I)

As I have previously stated, Tarragona received the title of World Heritage Site thanks to the legacy of the Romans and the conservation of monuments.

It was the first Roman military establishment in Spain, and the capital in Roman times. From Tarragona began the conquest throughout the peninsula. Now, from we will tell you some of the points most popular tourist attractions not to miss it:


- Roman Amphitheatre: This is an outdoor theater that brought together more than 14,000 spectators. The backdrop is the blue Mediterranean Sea. In his arena they battle gladiators and wild beasts were fighting. Located in the city center, this monument Tarragona gives a special magic. Do not miss this picture postcard.


- Roman Circus: This is one of the most damaged monuments. Still, near the Roman amphitheater, you can see one end of the Roman circus. There, horse races were held. A curiosity; Did you know that the city of Tarragona was the other end and the Town Hall Square arena where the races were held? That last!


- Walls: They are located next to the Roman Circus and is formed by high stone towers. From there, the majestic city of Tarragona was monitored for any possible invasion. If you want to wander around the walls, you will find the entrance to the park Mars. there, you can observe the gardens and a statue of the she - wolf and Romulus and Remus. If you want to know the legend do not miss the section "Facts about Tarragona".

Tarraco Romana (II)

- Forum Plaza: it is noted that all the old town of Tarragona is magical and charming. Its cobblestone streets are lovely and hide thousands of stories. But years ago, the Forum Plaza served as a meeting point for traders and merchants selling their products in these busy streets. Today, you'll see some remains and yet, sitting having coffee in one of its cafes. What a contrast!


- The Cathedral of Tarragona: when you go up to the Town Hall Square to the Old Town, the majesty of the cathedral will leave you the willies. At the end of the street, you'll see its facade and when you get your feet you'll be bowled. Undoubtedly, one of the mandatory points visiting Tarragona. By the way, we recommend a visit inside and out!


- Roman Aqueduct: the also known as the Pont Del Diable, is located just outside the center of Tarragona in the middle of nature. Its arches are perfectly preserved and can walk over it.


- Arco de Bará: a triumphal arch, which like the Aqueduct, is located on the outskirts of Tarragona. It was one of the arches indicating the path of the ancient Via Augusta that led to Rome. You'll be next to the same site by the Romans passing carriages on their way to Rome!

Facts about Tarragona

What a beautiful city Tarragona, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of the city that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.


... Did you know why the amphitheater near the coast was built? And they facilitated the arrival of beasts and people by sea.


... Did you know the legend of Romulus and Remus? It is said that were the founders of Rome and children of the same God of War, Mars. They were sent to assassinate by the villagers, but actually were abandoned in a basket of the Tiber River. A she-wolf found them and suckled them until a shepherd adopted them. Because they wanted to govern, met and delimited the territory of what would Rome. But in a heated argument Romulus killed Remus and became the first governor of Rome. That is why in the Walls of Tarragona is the same statue that you can find in Rome in honor of the she - wolf who saved the lives of the twins.


... Did you know that just outside Montblanc is a statue of more than 10 meters high Mazinguer manga character Z? An architect wanted to build a housing estate that were presided over by the statue. Today you can visit and even get inside.


... Did you know that the Monasteri Poblet is the largest monastery inhabited Europe?


... Did you know that in Tarragona is called beer shampoo with lemon?


... Did you know what the expression "Anem to play ferro"? The meaning in Castilian is "Let's touch iron" and the term is used to indicate that you want to go to the Balcony of the Mediterranean and admire the beautiful horizon before your eyes.