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Hotels Cádiz is your ideal travel agency to find the best hotels in Cádiz at the best prices and you have the opportunity to see the city that influenced many of the former Spanish colonies.


In you can find more than %total_hotels% accommodations in Cadiz. The best hotels in the capital of the province of the white villages are within reach of a click.


¿Why do tourism Cádiz?

Cadiz is the most provincial capital at the south of the peninsula and has many things to offer. It's far south, which decided not to conquer Napoleon's invasion and the famous Constitution there is called "La Pepa" was created. Hence gaditanos neighbors are so proud of their history and art to want to share them with you.


And, something must have this land when two of the Spanish musical symbols come from Gaditanos Peoples. Lola Flores (Jerez) and Rocio Jurado (Chipiona) were two singers of great importance from this land.


Will its quiet beaches, relaxing? Will the quality of its cuisine, lively festivals and nature of their landscapes? Will the traditional white streets of Cadiz? Who knows! But, do not you are entering really want to spend your holidays in Cádiz?


Why yes, long live Pepa Cadiz and alive!

Arcos de la Frontera and Zahara de la Sierra

This route begins in Arcos de la Frontera, a town high in the Sierra de Cadiz and   natural setting where breathing is easy. Another of the towns that you can not miss the route, if you love nature is Zahara de la Sierra. The municipality is tucked between mountains and rivers guarantee you an unforgettable view, do you have already signed up?


Tarifa and Chiclana de la Frontera

Tarifa is an ideal destination if you travel in summer as it offers the possibility of touring the streets and visit its famous beaches on the same holiday. Nearby is Chiclana de la Frontera, a city located in the Bay of Cadiz, one of the most visited by tourists who spend their holidays in Cadiz destinations. More palatable bath!

Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera is another town with a history that goes back years ago and you can not miss. If you wonder where to sleep, do not worry !. We have the cheapest hotels throughout the province of Cadiz.

Beaches in Cádiz

If you usually go on vacation to the beach, you like to lie in hammocks, sunbathing and duck in calm water, Cádiz is your destiny. We recommend the Playa de la Caleta, located in the historic center. In addition to relax, you you'll get back the views of the boats plying the corner of the bank., Lovely!


Other beaches to visit are the Playa Santa Maria del Mar, near the city and where you can swim with views of Cadiz background. In the afternoon, you will have one of the best views of the sunset with city background while you're soaking.


If you want a walk coastal resorts and hotels Silver, that is the Playa de la Victoria. And if you want to go diving and snorkeling, Playa Los Lances is offering the most pristine waters of the province.

Show in Cadiz

One of the most important art shows in Cadiz is the Horse Dance Show, performed by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Foundation. Do not miss the exhibition of ballet in these majestic animals that leave you with your mouth open and many tourists are pointing this show as one of the best activities in this province. It will no doubt thrill.

Nature in Cadiz

Cadiz province has many natural parks. Two of the highlight are the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and the Natural Park of the Acorns. You can stroll along the trails, cross the peoples who inhabit and visit the lagoons away. Do not forget to visit the Tajo del Aguila, where part of being able to kayak, will draw some pictures of manual.


However, if you want to visit a green space in the city, near the city center, without having to take the car, you will find the Genovés park a few meters from the central hotels in Cadiz. This is a public garden to stroll that features a waterfall.

Fiestas in Cádiz

Cádiz events are of great importance and are a very popular game. Hotels in Cadiz Carnivals are crowded, as many people gather to admire the colors, the jokes and the atmosphere of the people.


The Jerez Horse Festival is one of the most significant events of Cadiz, held in May. The streets are filled with ornaments and lights while riding horses for rides between people who gather to walk around the city. It opened many years ago and with great tradition, today is one of the main events for Cadiz.


Finally, the famous Easter in Cadiz is another point of interest to give this fabulous destination. The brotherhoods take steps with their corresponding virgins and Christs, creating an event where faith and devotion are present.

Monuments in Cádiz

If you want to travel in Cadiz and visit its monuments; the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, located near the sea and visible from any point of the city, is a place to visit. Then switch gears at sea through the Castillo de San Sebastian and contemplates Cadiz from its walls.


If you have some time, visit the remains that the Romans gave us years ago ancient civilizations. The Roman Theatre was found less than 50 years ago and was named in writings of very important people in history. You can also visit the archaeological site of Baelo Claudia, who despite being a bit out of the center will show you the remains of a Roman city on the sea.


Finally, stroll through Plaza Spain where one of the main monuments of the city, and sit on a terrace in the Plaza de las Flores, a place full of flowers and atmosphere.

Cadiz from the clouds

We see cities from a high vantage point and you like. In Cadiz you have two options; the first is to climb the Torre Tavira Cadiz, in the center of old town to see the streets of South Spanish at your feet.


The second option is to visit the West Tower, which is closer to the sea. From there you can see the banks of Cadiz and watch as the ocean is lost on the horizon.


Facts about Cádiz

What a beautiful city, right? As if what you have told here you are not convinced, we'll have some secrets of Cadiz that will serve to further arouse your curiosity.


... Did you know that the name "omelets" was born in Cadiz? When the city received the siege of the French, they had potatoes and therefore they could not do the famous omelette.


... Did you know the history of the narrow alley Duende? A gaditana fell in love with a Frenchman who was to be executed. He hid and were cited in the alley until they were discovered executed. Some say that even can see there.


... Did you know that Cadiz has more than three centuries of history?


... Did you know that Columbus sailed to the Americas in the second and fourth voyage from Cadiz?


... Did you know that San Miguel street is a sculpture of Archangel Lucifer humiliating?