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Why go tourism in Gerona?

The city of Girona is the capital of the province that receives the same name, located in the northeast of the Peninsula. The province is on the border with France , the province of Barcelona , Lleida and the Mediterranean Sea .

Thanks to the variety of landscapes, in Girona you have a wide range of activities to do. To begin with, this province brings together most of the beaches on the Costa Brava . Instead, its name does not refer to the beaches that you can find. If it is true that some of its beaches are brave and brave, but you can also enjoy crystalline and relaxing beaches. If you want to know our favorites, you will find them in the "Beaches in Girona" section .

Furthermore, Girona is in a privileged location as it is close to the Pyrenees . The beautiful valleys and natural landscapes are one of the great tourist attractions of the province. If you are a lover of the king of winter sports, skiing, you are in luck. You can visit Molina and Masella to enjoy a good white-tinged descent.

Lastly, the city of Girona is charming. A romantic getaway, a cultural trip or a vacation with the family, Girona appeals to everyone who visits it! Don't wait any longer and book your hotel in Girona to spend some unique days.

What places to visit in Gerona?

If you want to know the city of Girona in depth, a hotel night will not be enough for you. If you walk through its streets you run the risk of falling madly in love with every corner. The area around the river was the inspiration for some well-known artists such as Dalí . A colorful, picturesque and charming area. You can cross the Onyar river by one of its bridges. Did you know that one of them was designed by Gustave Eiffel himself, architect of the Eiffel Tower ?

Subsequently, the old town was influenced by civilizations for many years. As you can see, you can visit the Arab baths where you will see your reflection in an area with years of history and contemplate its majestic Cathedral. Do you have the camera loaded?

Tossa de Mar

If you have a few extra days, we suggest other locations in the province to visit. If you want to be close to the beach, book a hotel south of the province, in Tossa de Mar. Besides enjoying pristine beaches, you can make a cultural visit of a high interest. At the beach, you can walk around the walled enclosure Tossa Castle, a medieval enclosure. If you climb the tower you can admire the beautiful views of the beach and town. Do not miss it!


North of the province, near the Pyrenees, is located the town of Besalú. The photo feature is the Romanesque bridge that crosses the river Fluvià. Each of its corners is more interesting than the last. Lovely, is not it?


Near the Natural Cap de Creus, north of Girona, it is located Cadaqués. For many, it is one of the most charming towns around the country. A bohemian village that seems to be painted in a picture and inviting to watch sunset after relaxing horizon. If you are looking for a hotel to relax in Girona, Cadaqués is a good destination.

Calella de Palafrugell

East of Girona, on the beach, the town of Calella de Palafrugell invites you to bathe in its waters and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in full essence. Here you will find one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the province. If you want to know what, read ;-)

Castellfollit de la Roca

Visiting the town of Castellfollit de la Roca feel vertigo. There, you will find a village built on the top of a slope. It is small, curious, and one of the visits that you can not miss.

Nature in Girona

Girona is a city that is just a few steps from nature. We mention 3 of them:

  • Less than half an hour by car to the north, is located Lake Banyoles . There, is the largest lake in the entire autonomous community of Catalonia . We suggest something: a sheet or blanket, some sandwiches, some soft drinks and a camera. Go on a picnic and enjoy a magical and special experience.

  • In the interior of the province, bordering the province of Lleida and France, is the Núria Valley . To access the valley, you can go up on a railway called "Cremallera de Núria" or walk up. Due to the long and hard journey to go up, we recommend that you find out about the train schedules. Once you are at the top, you can enjoy the best routes surrounded by one of some of the most iconic natural corners of Girona .

Finally, very close to Cadaqués, is the Cap de Creus Natural Park . This expanse of land submerged in the Mediterranean Sea invites you both to stroll along its trails and to access and discover some of its coves. If you are staying in a hotel in Cadaqués, it will not cost you anything to find this location.

Beaches in Girona

Maybe when you think of Girona a province with wild and angry waters comes to mind. If it is true that some of its beaches have high cliffs that battle with the waves day after day. On the other hand, not all its beaches are like this. In fact, from we are going to name you some of the many beaches that you can visit on your vacation to Girona . Get the pen!

  • If you are spending a few days in a hotel in Tossa de Mar , it will not cost you any effort to go and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Cala Pola to take a bath surrounded by the beautiful historical and cultural landscape of the charming town. (possible photo)

  • The beaches of Begur , located east of Girona , are some of the best in the entire province. We name you some of the most popular and that should be essential on your trip. As its name suggests, the waters of Aiguablava Beach are dyed by a turquoise color of unstoppable beauty. Another three are those of Aiguafreda , Sa Riera and Sa Tuna . When you visit any of them you will believe that you are in paradise.

Very close to the previous locations, we find the municipality of Palafrugell . There, there are three lovely beaches. In Calella de Palafrugell , the houses with their white facades will accompany you in your bathroom. At Llafranc Beach , you will get lost with the sight of the boats on the horizon. And finally, Tamariu Beach is close to excellence and is ranked among one of the best in Catalonia. And these are just some of them!

Viewpoints in Girona

If you are wondering if there is the possibility of contemplating the Girona lands from a viewpoint, you are in luck! Here are some of the most popular:

  • In the municipality of Llafranc , apart from enjoying some charming beaches and a beautiful landscape, you can go up to the Sant Sebastià Lighthouse . An ideal place to disconnect from everything and observe the reflection of the sun's rays in the rich waters of Girona .

  • Spread along the coast of the province, you can enjoy charming Botanical Gardens ; a unique experience. In addition to being able to enjoy the aroma and the care of all the flowers, you will be able to admire the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea from them. In particular, near Lloret de Mar , there is one with a lot of charm. From the Mar i Murtra botanical garden you can enjoy a very special balcony overlooking the Mediterranean.

Museums in Girona

In case you want to spend an afternoon surrounded by art and cultivate yourself, we recommend two locations that you cannot miss.

  • The first is the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia located in the municipality of Ullastret . There, in addition to enjoying the best exhibitions related to archeology, you can visit and contemplate the ruins of the Ullastret site , an Iberian town that was inhabited for more than 400 years.

  • Another of the locations that you should point out and plan on your itinerary is the Dalí Museum in Figueres , north of Girona. Its shape and architecture is already curious and special, as was the famous painter born in the province of Girona. Inside, you can enjoy some of his most famous and emblematic works.

Monuments in Girona

If you are spending your holidays in a hotel in the center of Girona , you cannot miss its Cathedral . Its elaborate facade and its location, high above the city, will leave you speechless. Preside over the thoughts and guard the prayers of all the inhabitants of the city. Take a walk through its old town and enjoy a city full of history and culture. Oh, by the way, you will surely see the Cathedral of Girona very soon in one of the most famous series in the world. You know which one is?

If you want to put the icing on your visit to the Cathedral , don't miss it inside. And if the reservation of your hotel in Girona coincides with one of the most popular events, the Temps de Flors, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience. The whole old town is full of flowers, and among them, the Cathedral . Without a doubt, some lovely views.

To the north of Cabo de Creus , you can visit the San Pere de Rodes Monastery, a Romanesque-style monastery that presides over the bay of the cape. Lost in the middle of nature, it is one of the monuments that you cannot miss on your trip. In addition, you can take some photos of "vertigo", and never better said.

Finally, to the northeast of Girona , you can enjoy the ruins of Empúries . There, you will be able to contemplate a Greek archaeological site, built after the settlement of the Greek colonizers in SV BC. Later, the Romans were in charge of reforming it and from then until today. More than 2000 years have passed since the construction of this monument, are you really going to miss it?

Curiosities about Girona

What a beautiful city Girona , right? In case everything we have told you so far does not convince you, we are going to tell you some secrets of Girona that will help you arouse your curiosity even more.

  • Did you know that Girona Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral with a single nave in Europe?

  • Did you know that the Gothic nave of the Girona Cathedral is the widest in the world? The exact width is 22.98 meters . As you can see, it is a cathedral of records, don't you think?

  • Did you know that the houses on the Onyar River were painted by municipal ordinance? They wanted to erase the concept that the city of Girona was a gray city, and today it is one of the most interesting tourist spots in the city.

  • Did you know the custom of "the Lioness"? In front of the church of Sant Feliu , there is the so-called “Columna de la Leona”. The custom says that if you want to return to Girona you must kiss his ass. As the verses say: "It is not a good citizen of Girona who does not touch the lioness ass".

  • Did you know the reason why the employer changed in the city of Girona ? Previously, the patron was Sant Feliu , until as legend has it, when the French were going to desecrate the tomb of San Narcís , insects and flies came out that bit the French and made them flee. Since then, San Narcís has been the patron saint of Girona .