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Via Gioeni 153, 92100, Agrigento • 2.7 km from the city centre
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Accommodation highlights

Check-in times and other important info

Accommodation facilities/services

Main Areas

Air-conditioning in the main facilities

Wifi and Internet


Main Hotel Services

Laundry Service
Hairdressing salon
Free Lugagge Room


Lounge with TV

Transfers / Transfer

Shuttle to the airport (check fee)
Transfer to the airport


There's a car park free of charge close to the accommodation

The surroundings of Zabbara


Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Greci 460 m
Mudia_Museo Diocesan Agrigento 480 m
Ex Collegio dei Filippini 530 m
Archaeological Museum "Pietro Griffo" of Agrigento 1.9 km
St. Nicholas Church 2 km
Giardino della Kolymbethra 2.5 km
Temple of Dioscuri (Temple I) 2.5 km
Temple of Olympian Zeus 2.5 km

Places of interest

Valley of the Temples 2.6 km
Tomb of Terone 2.8 km
Casa Natale di Luigi Pirandello e Tomba 3.7 km
Riserva naturale integrale Macalube di Aragona 7.2 km
Stair of the Turks 10.1 km
Torre Salsa Natural Reserve - Visitor Center 14.4 km

Public transportation

Port of Porto Empedocle 5.6 km
All distances are calculated in a straight line. Actual travel distances may vary.


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Frequently asked questions about Zabbara

Does the Zabbara have wifi connection?

The Zabbara has Wi-Fi.

Is there heating in Zabbara?

Yes, Zabbara has heating in the common areas.

Is there air conditioning in the common areas at Zabbara?

Yes, Zabbara has air conditioning in the common areas.
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