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Casa Santarelli

Via Feronia 55, 00157, Roma • 7.2 km from the city centre
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Main Areas

Air-conditioning in the main facilities

Wifi and Internet




Swimming pools

Outdoor Pool (summer)

Main Hotel Services

Pool sunshade


The accommodation has a car park free of charge
You can book it in advance! Call the accommodation to save your space

The surroundings of Casa Santarelli


A Cena con Delitto 1.6 km
San Romano Market 1.6 km
Aniene Valley Nature Reserve 1.7 km
Museo di Casal de' Pazzi 1.8 km
Aguzzano Urban Regional Park 2.2 km
Centro Commerciale Auchan 2.5 km
Villa Gordiani 2.8 km
Basilica di Sant'Agnese fuori le Mura 2.8 km

Places of interest

Villa Borghese 5.5 km
Colosseum 5.7 km
Trevi Fountain 5.9 km
Forum of Caesar 6 km
Pantheon 6.5 km
Castel Sant'Angelo 7.2 km
Vatican Museums 8.1 km
St. Peter's Basilica 8.2 km

Public transportation

Monti Tiburtini Station 270 m
Pietralata Station 410 m
Santa Maria del Soccorso Station 850 m
Quintiliani Station 1 km

What else can I do?

Rinascente Flagship Store - Via del Tritone 5.7 km
Galleria Alberto Sordi 6.1 km
Port of Rome Mall 6.2 km
Roma Est 9.2 km
AURA Shopping Mall 9.4 km

Nearby airports

Rome (CIA-Ciampino) 13.6 km
All distances are calculated in a straight line. Actual travel distances may vary.


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Frequently asked questions about Casa Santarelli

Does the Casa Santarelli have wifi connection?

The Casa Santarelli has Wi-Fi.

Does the Casa Santarelli have a swimming pool?

Yes, Casa Santarelli has a swimming pool (this service could have an extra fee). Here you have more info about the swimming pool and other facilities.
  • Outdoor swimming pool (summer season)

Is there heating in Casa Santarelli?

Yes, Casa Santarelli has heating in the common areas.

Is there air conditioning in the common areas at Casa Santarelli?

Yes, Casa Santarelli has air conditioning in the common areas.
Casa Santarelli