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Viale Regina Elena 28 Rímini 47921, 47921, Rimini • 3.2 km from the city centre
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Hotel with internal parking

Check-in times and other important info

Accommodation facilities/services

Main Areas

24 h reception
Air-conditioning in the main facilities
Adapted for people with reduced mobility



Wifi and Internet


Main Hotel Services

Meeting Room
Laundry Service
Car Hire
Bicycle Rental
Safe at the reception
Door man


Massage Parlour
Fitness Centre
Body and Facial Care Treatments
Wellness Service (reservation required)
Spa Center




Pet-Friendly on request (check fee)

Swimming pools

Outdoor Pool (summer)

Transfers / Transfer

Shuttle to the airport (check fee)
Transfer to the airport


The accommodation has an indoor car park with extra charge
Electric vehicle charger available (check details by calling the lodge).
You can book it in advance! Call the accommodation to save your space

Pet Policy

This accommodation is pet friendly. To consult its conditions, it is essential that you send us a message through the contact section informing the weight of your pet.

About the accommodation

This charming hotel is located in Miramare Di Rimini. This residence does not allow pets so those who do not like animals can enjoy their stay.

Some of the detailed services may be paid. You can check their rates directly at the establishment. This information is subject to change by the accommodation.

Some of the services listed may be considered as extras. Please check with the reception desk upon your arrival. This information is subject to change by the accommodation.


External Reviews
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Frequently asked questions about I-Suite

Does the I-Suite have wifi connection?

The I-Suite has Wi-Fi.

Can I stay with a pet at I-Suite?

Pets are allowed at I-Suite (on request and direct payment at the hotel). Check the conditions.

Does the I-Suite have a swimming pool?

Yes, I-Suite has a swimming pool (this service could have an extra fee). Here you have more info about the swimming pool and other facilities.
  • Outdoor swimming pool (summer season)

What can I do at I-Suite?

The I-Suite has the following activities available (some may be for a fee).
  • Masseur
  • Gym
  • Paid Thermal Centre

Does the I-Suite have a 24h reception?

Yes, I-Suite has a 24-hour reception.

Is there heating in I-Suite?

Yes, I-Suite has heating in the common areas.

Is there air conditioning in the common areas at I-Suite?

Yes, I-Suite has air conditioning in the common areas.

Is I-Suite adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, I-Suite is adapted for people with reduced mobility.
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