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Discovering Croatia

History and Culture

Croatia is a melting pot of cultural influences and a rich history that is reflected in its architecture, art and traditions.


Photo: Mosaic with panoramic views of Croatia.

Dubrovnik Old Town

The old town of Dubrovnikknown as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its medieval walls, cobblestone streets and historic buildings will transport you back in time. Don't miss the Rector's Palace and the majestic Church of St. Blaise.

Diocletian's Palace in Split

SplitSplit, the largest city in Dalmatia, is home to the impressive Diocletian's Palace, built in the 4th century. This well-preserved palace is a maze of narrow streets, squares and galleries housing stores and restaurants. Climb the St. Domnius Tower for panoramic views.

Zagreb, the Capital

The Croatian capital, Zagreb, is a treasure trove of culture and art. The Mimara Museum and the Strossmayer Gallery are must-sees for art lovers. Explore the historic Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and discover the Zagreb Cathedral and St. Mark's Church.


Beaches and Nature

Croatia's coastline offers some of Europe's most beautiful beaches and stunning natural scenery.

Zlatni Rat beach in Brac

Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac is famous for its horn shape and turquoise waters. It is a paradise for lovers of sun and water sports such as windsurfing and diving.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a natural spectacle that will take your breath away. Interconnected waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and dense forest make it a perfect place for hiking and photography.

Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands, an archipelago of 89 islands, islets and rocks, are a paradise for sailing and snorkeling enthusiasts. Explore secluded coves and enjoy the tranquility of the Adriatic Sea.


Unforgettable Activities in Croatia

Croatia offers a wide variety of activities to suit all tastes.

Island Boat Tour

A boat tour of the Croatian islands is a must-do experience. From Dubrovnik or Split, you can explore the nearby islands, swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the local cuisine in small restaurants by the sea.

Wine Tasting

The Istria region is known for its high quality wines. Take a wine tasting at one of the local wineries and discover varieties such as Malvazija and Teran.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

If you visit Dubrovnik in summer, don't miss the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Enjoy classical music performances, open-air theater and cultural events throughout the city.


Croatian Gastronomy

Croatian gastronomy is a delicious blend of Mediterranean, Italian and Balkan influences.

Proto Restaurant in Dubrovnik

Restaurant Proto, located in the heart of Dubrovnik, offers traditional Croatian dishes with a modern twist. Try the Pasticada, a slow-cooked meat stew, or fresh fish from the Adriatic.

Restaurant Fife in Split

Restaurant Fife in Split is a popular place to try homemade Croatian dishes at affordable prices. Their cevapcici and spinach pie are local favourites.


Dream Hotels in Croatia

For an unforgettable stay in Croatia, we recommend two exceptional hotels:

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, located on a hill overlooking the sea, offers luxurious rooms and first-class amenities. Its infinity pool and spa will allow you to relax while enjoying panoramic views.

Hotel Vestibul Palace in Split

If you are looking for accommodation in Split, Hotel Vestibul Palace is an ideal choice. This boutique hotel is located inside the Diocletian's Palace and offers a unique experience in a historic setting.


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In short, Croatia is a destination that has it all: history, culture, natural beauty, exciting activities, delicious cuisine and exceptional accommodation options. Whether you want to explore its historic cities, relax on its dreamy beaches or immerse yourself in its rich culture, Croatia awaits you with open arms. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this Adriatic paradise and find the best hotels on for an unforgettable experience!

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