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Why do tourism Cantabria?

Cantabria is a community surrounded by sea and land. East, borders the province of Vizcaya, south Castile and Leon, and west by the Principality of Asturias. Finally, in the north of the community it is located the sea coast baptized with the same name, the Cantabrian Sea.

Although the coast is not too popular, there are more than 90 beaches with the charm and magic of the mountains in the background. In fact, the Sierra de Cantabria is parallel to the coast and the Cantabrian community gives a lot of natural places to turn to . Ready to visit all these places and discover its beauty?

Finally, we could not speak of Cantabria not to mention its archaeological sites. In fact, the community can be proud of having the title of World Heritage in ten of their caves.

From we encourage you to discover these lands, offering hotels scattered throughout the community in which to spend an unforgettable stay and be "three steps" of the most interesting tourist spots.


In Santander you'll be very close to the famous beach of El Sardinero and the Bay of Santander. Also, you can visit the Magdalena Palace, the former summer residence of the Kings of Spain and today serves as a University for hundreds of students. In case you choose Santander as a destination for your getaway, watch the sunset at the end of the day, it will be magical!


Torrelavega is the most populous municipality after Santander, and located some kilometers inland west of the community. There, you can enjoy some of the typical dishes of the community.

Santillana del Mar

A few kilometers away, towards the coast, find Santillana del Mar. No matter where your hotel is located, but do not miss the town of Santillana del Mar in your visit to Cantabria. Its medieval streets invite you to take a walk by them, surrounded by nature and tranquility.


Address to Asturias found two very interesting locations to visit. The closest town to Santillana del Mar is Comillas. A more modern than the rest and guardian of one of the few places where Gaudí decided to leave its mark city. There, we can find the Capricho de Gaudí, a work that recalls the stories of Tim Burton. Perhaps you see out of it Alice or Rabbit Loco.

San Vicente de la Barquera

The next location, a few minutes drive from Comillas is San Vicente de la Barquera. A maritime city, with colorful reflection of boats plying the coast of the docks. It is a city that will bring you to the more rural and maritime part of Cantabria. Do not miss it!

Nature in Cantabria

Thanks to the Sierra de Cantabria, that we've indicated above, you can enjoy natural areas and a rather rural tourist entertainment. From we recommend our favorite.

• Park Cabárceno

The first and a very popular tourist attraction in Cantabria Cabárceno Park is located in the south of Santander. This park is a different zoo to which you are accustomed, since animals are in semi-freedom. They are housed in large natural spaces and adapted so that they can live in an ecosystem as similar as far as possible to their place of origin. There are also shows of birds of prey and sea lions. Look times on their website to not perdértelos!

• Oyambre Natural Park

Near San Vicente de la Barquera, it is situated the Oyambre Natural Park. A territory that meets estuaries, beaches, cliffs, marshes, dunes and forests as more than 5500 hectares. It contains a variety of flora and fauna in its territory through different ecosystems. Swim in its beaches and stroll through the woods while watching the Picos de Europa in the distance.

• The Principality of Asturias and Cantabria

In fact, the Picos de Europa is the mountain that separates the Principality of Asturias and Cantabria. Come to visit the extensive grounds and beautiful landscapes in the valleys. Also, if you look at the "Cantabria from the clouds" further down, you will discover an original and charming activity to perform there. ;-)

• Birth Ebro river

Finally, we indicate another point of interest, visit the source of the river Ebro. You can find it in the Tresmares Pico, located in the town Campoo of Suso, within the community. There, apart from enjoying natural surroundings you can contemplate the birth of more river in Spain, the Ebro River.

Beaches in Cantabria

If you're going to go on vacation to Santander, surely the hotel you book will be very close Sardinero urban beach capital. Strolling through it, lie with the sound of lapping waves background and if you really hot ... ducks to water!

Somocuevas beaches, La Arnía and Covachos are three secrets of Cantabria. Less than 15 kilometers from the center, are surrounded by wild cliffs and beaches. The views from there are beautiful. An interesting fact: only you can enjoy the Covachos beach when the tide is low.

Finally, it will be impossible to walk from Mount Buceiro, observe its crystalline waters and not wanting to dive into them. You are in luck as possible. At the lighthouse of El Caballo there is a rope hanging by which you can access its crystalline waters. Watch out! Make sure then you'll have the strength to climb.

Cantabria from the clouds

Perhaps you're thinking luxury that would see Cantabria at your feet. Well, from we tell you how. Liebana is located in the cable car will take you to the Picos de Europa. You will cross the clouds and have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery at your feet. Have you gone without a car and you are spending your vacation in a hotel in the center of Santander? Do not worry, in summer there are buses from Santander to take you over there. Comfort do not you think?

Caves in Cantabria

• Altamira Cave

The most famous cave to which we referred above, is none other than the Cave of Altamira, near Santillana del Mar. In case you did not know her, is known as the Sistine Chapel of cave art as inside are some of the largest and best known paintings in Spain.

In Santillana del Mar you can visit an excellent replica at the Museum of Altamira. Yes, we know you want to see the originals, and we tell you how. Inside the museum is a daily lottery among visitors and five elected will have the chance to live this experience. Alert! The draw takes place at 10:40 in the hall, so you must enter the first visits to record your name in the draw. Good luck!

• Cueva El Soplao

La Cueva El Soplao, near San Vicente de la Barquera, is one of the most interesting tourist spots and one of the most popular activities. Inside you can watch formations inside of Cantabria and caves full of crystals. There are two modes, a quieter where you will visit the larger areas and longer, full of adventure for those brave who want to make a separate visit. Find out about schedules and fares on its website.

Events in Cantabria

We name the most popular events of Cantabria if you want to match your getaway with the following holidays:

• On July 1 marks the Coso Blanco in Castro Urdiales, a municipality of Cantabria. The streets are filled with magic and color thanks to the floats and costumes of the people involved in this event. In addition, you can enjoy a battle of confetti and put the icing with verbenas night.

• If you book a hotel in Santander last week of August, run! Santander parties in the city is full of very good atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy the best cuisine in the "Celebration Day", where booths offering pintxos all who visit them are built.

• Finally, if you are looking to stay near Laredo and your dates coincide with the last Friday in August, you're in luck! Since a party of National Interest christened "The Battle of the Flowers" takes place. Charangas put the soundtrack to this party, and you can enjoy the floats are built with natural flowers.

Cantabrian cuisine

Finally, we leave some dishes that you can not miss if you visit Cantabria. Cheese is perhaps the most famous of the whole community gastronomic products and if you are spending your holiday in Cantabria will try them all.

Meat and sausage are also quite popular and high quality. You can try delicious steaks. And if you're more fish, we recommend you try the canned anchovy, typical of Cantabria.

To end your trip in style, try the home pasiego sobao, a kind of cake made with bread dough, egg, butter and sugar. You do not try on any like here.

Facts about Cantabria

In we show curiosities about this community so that you know in depth some traditions, customs or fun facts.

... Did you know that Cantabria is one of the regions of Spain with more trees? There are approximately 215,000 hectares.

... Did you know that 1941 was a fire in Santander and burned much of the old town?

... Did you know that in the Paseo de Pereda Santander there is at least one species of all trees you can find in the community?

... Did you know what the cross that is next to the lighthouse of Cabo Mayor? It is a monument to all the people who threw off the cliff in the Spanish Civil War.

... Did you know that the community is Cantabria reading more books and newspapers online?

... Did you know that in the Park Cabárceno you can find more than 100 species in semi - freedom?

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