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Why sightseeing in Madrid?

Madrid gives you the chance you can visit it from different points of view. Culture, shopping, dining, entertainment ... are some of the aspects which broadly encourage you to visit the capital.

The nerve center of Madrid consists of avenues and shopping streets by which to get lost. But please, from we ask you to look at the floor. We know it's difficult with the large number of buildings and hotels that can be seen but do not want you to hurt yourself.

Night Madrid has an enviable environment and lighting their streets creates an incomparable beauty. The monuments, buildings and hotels exude a special light and illuminate your steps through the historic streets.

And what about the multitude of leisure activities offered by the capital? From theaters to museums, going for long walks along the avenues of the city. Surely you will lack time to discover every corner of Madrid.
Also, if you away from the bustle of people, Madrid has parks in some parts of the city and nature reserves on the outskirts .. Its geographical position has prepared routes on mountain trails especially for you. What do you expect to visit the capital?


What places to visit in Community of Madrid?

Madrid is divided into 21 districts formed by 119 Madrid neighborhoods.

In case you land in Madrid by air, you will stand in the district of Barajas. However, if the train is your means of transportation, the neighborhood of Atocha (Arganzuela district) will be the first destination to receive you . Then we will detallarte some of our favorites.

The Barrio de Huertas

Huertas neighborhood is one of the oldest areas of Madrid. Its streets serve as connectors of different points of interest and is one of the neighborhoods that hosts a large percentage of visitors thanks to its delicious restaurants and ballrooms marchosas.

La Latina

If you have booked any of the downtown hotels in Madrid, you will not be far from La Latina. This is a neighborhood full of crowded terraces and atmosphere on the street you will be prompted for a drink snack. You deserve to give this pleasure!


Lavapies will transport the most multicultural bohemian side of Madrid. In the streets there are different cultures between them and this variety is part of the great attraction of the place. Without any doubt, you can not miss a walk through this area.

Retiro district and Chueca sign recommends the Retiro district, which will take you to one of the major parks in the city, baptized with the same name. Moreover, the Chueca neighborhood, with a very characteristic architectural structure, is a quiet area of the city for the day but full of activity at night, where you can enjoy many bars, pubs and nightclubs and the best environment in the event the "Gay Pride".

Barrio del Sol and Granvia

Finally, the best known neighborhoods are Sol and Gran Vía, located in the heart of the city. All travel itineraries mark their streets as mandatory visits, so do not tell you much and you let yourself discover why it is so special.

Museums in Madrid

Madrid is in the crosshairs of many art lovers tourists because of the number of museums open their doors daily. If this is your case, you should know that the Prado is one of the most popular where you can see some of the works of great artists such as Velazquez and Goya.

On the other hand, the National Art Center Reina Sofia Museum and the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, are two highly recommendable places if you're a lover of art pieces.



Parks Madrid

If you prefer to stroll through some of the green areas of Madrid and transport you to a place full of nature and delicacy place in the city center, we recommend a stroll through any of its parks to clear your mind.

The most famous park in Madrid's Retiro Park, where you can visit the majestic tight and make one of the most symbolic activities of the city: the boats navigate the tight. The statue of the Fallen Angel and Crystal Palace are some of the must - see sights of Madrid, which, in turn, are surrounded by a vast variety of flowers that will delight your nose and your eyes with its magnificent decoration.

On the other hand, the Sabatini Gardens will show a view of the Royal Palace surrounded by nature and sources and Enrique Tierno Galvan Park is a large green area in the neighborhood of Arganzuela, you have everything pointed?


Monuments in Madrid

If you love football you will surely know the name of the Plaza de Cibeles, a beautiful monument separating some of the districts of Madrid and where the securities held Real Madrid. However, if you're rojiblancos can not miss on your trip to Madrid visiting the Fountain of Neptune. Can you imagine that your visit to the capital coincides with the victory of some of these items? That last!

If you like visiting churches and let yourself be impressed by its windows and lights, this is your city. The Almudena Cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals of the community. When you enter, you will understand why the King Philip VI married the queen Leticia in this beautiful cathedral. However, the San Francisco el Grande Basilica is one of the visits that you should aim on your agenda and no slouch.
Another of the most symbolic places of the community is the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple which was transported to Madrid for years. From you aconsajamos you look the sunset from the hills to the sound of the musicians. It will be one of the most special moments of your trip.


Shooping in Madrid

Plan your trip if you're staying at one of the hotels in Madrid, you can not count without a long walk along the Gran Vía and its central streets. In them you will find the doors of the most important theaters in the country and have a good time. In addition, the shopping center is around the Gran Vía. We recommend going on sale, and that certainly can not resist to stop buying.


Have a "Relaxing Cup of Coffee with Milk" in the Plaza Mayor, the main square and most important of Madrid. Visit the clock that sings the end of the year with their bells and the km 0 in the Puerta del Sol and check out the Puerta de Alcalá.


Viewpoints in Madrid

To end your trip, many of the hotels in Madrid offer a unique view of the city on the terrace with a cocktail. From we recommend climb the Circle of Fine Arts. Can you recognize from there all the sites you've visited?

Although we tell you a secret, from the top floor of the English Court Plaza de Callao you can see the Gran Vía at your feet from a huge window without paying anything -P.


Facts about Comunidad de Madrid

Whether it is the first time you go, as if wearing repeating several times, certainly are many things you leave in the inkwell. Since we'll provide interesting curiosities that will surprise you.


  • ... Did you know that the street Shatterspear (the smallest city which measures only 20 m) was baptized with this name because wooden spears carriages were broken when the time passing by?

  • ... Did you know that the Tooth Fairy was born at the Royal Palace? Prince Alfonso XIII was afraid to lose his teeth and runs Maria Cristina commissioned the publication of a story, where the Tooth Fairy fun icon was born.

  • ... Did you know that the largest clock is not the Puerta del Sol? In Atocha, a watch is larger.

  • ... Did you know that in the Opera metro resort is hidden a monument that was part of the Arab baths and one of the main sources of the city?

  • ... Did you know that in the Malasaña can find a sculpture of a woman disguised as a man? It symbolizes the story of a woman who disguised herself as a boy to go to college when he was only permitted for men.


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