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Currently there are a large number of accommodation alternatives to enjoy a tailor-made holiday. We are increasingly looking for those services that adapt to our needs, we choose experiences that are special to us and that make it worth leaving home to go on a good adventure or a period of rest and relaxation.

In the latest hotel trends, adults only hotels stand out, that is, hotels for adults only that provide a space free from the hustle and bustle that the little ones usually star in. Thanks to them you will have the possibility to make the most of a romantic holiday with your partner and without distractions or a fun meeting with friends. The children will stop being a problem during the time that your stay lasts and you will have that peace that you are looking for so much in your moments of rest.

Do you want to know which are the best adults only hotels? We tell you in Amimir!

Couple receiving a treatment in an adults only hotel

Do you want to go this summer to spend a few days in a hotel on the Costa del Sol ? Or do you prefer to go to the mountains for a few days ? Start now to live your holidays in a different way and forget about that small chaotic atmosphere that youth offers to experience a more intimate and relaxing experience .

Find the best adults-only hotels in Catalonia

Don't know where to start looking for adults-only hotels in Catalonia? Do not worry, you will see that we solve it quickly. You just have to browse our website to find the hotel that best suits your needs and your pocket.

Many of the best adults-only hotels in Catalonia are on the Costa Brava , one of the most popular destinations for those who want to spend a few days near those spectacular beaches that the Catalan coast offers. In addition, many of these hotels for adults have not only an enviable location, but also a host of additional services such as a spa, gym and musical events to make your stay truly unforgettable.

View of the castle wall of the town of Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava

The best adults-only hotels in Andalusia

If you're going for southern cheer for an unforgettable holiday, don't worry! You will only have to do the same operation from your computer or electronic device and in a few minutes find our selection of adults-only hotels in Andalusia.

In this area, the Costa del Sol stands out as a destination, a source of inexhaustible offers of enjoyment for tourists, with the best possible climate and an endless coastline. All this with perfect services for a few days of fun without children.

Why choose an adults only hotel?

The nature of adults-only hotels is not to claim spaces without children or that children are frowned upon. Its main mission is to provide a space with the maximum privacy and tranquility possible to enjoy a holiday without the inconveniences of daily life. To take a brake.

It is a thematic accommodation of the same range as those designed for families in which they provide a variety of activities for these groups and have special children's entertainment. In this case, the gourmet product, the relaxation and rest areas, the high quality technology or the spaces enabled for reading are valued. Those luxuries and activities that adults want to practice on their solo holidays.

Adults-only hotels are designed so that you can lie by the pool without looking at the clock and listening to your favorite music without other external elements unwinding you from that moment you want so much. In addition, these accommodations are available in all kinds of ranges to suit the pockets of any traveler, without the need to turn the stay into a prohibitive luxury.

However, you will have the opportunity to opt for the type of accommodation of your choice beyond hotels for adults. There are also different opportunities to enjoy holiday apartments or rural houses, if you prefer a more personal getaway.

The good news is that all types of accommodation are usually refurbished and in very good condition, since this trend in tourism is quite new and businesses are still very short-lived.
The best plans in adults only hotels
This type of hosting is especially attractive for certain types of plans due to its characteristics and the public it is aimed at. It will offer you the possibility of organizing a holiday that will go smoothly if what you are looking for is to share a space without children and in which tranquility prevails.

They are perfect for couple getaways. They are ideal places for a romantic and intimate encounter, to celebrate special dates such as anniversaries or to reconnect with the loved one getting out of the routine.

They are also excellent places to meet friends, meet with gangs or with other couples who want to put family responsibilities aside for a few days to dedicate themselves to enjoying, relaxing and unwinding in good company.

Do you want to achieve that magnificent holiday dream? You only have to take a look at our hotel search engine to find the best deals on this type of accommodation in the destinations of your choice. From the adults only in Andalusia to enjoy the heat, the parties or the best beaches to the adults only hotels in Catalonia to enjoy the gastronomy and cultural life. In Amimir you will find the best hotel for you and your partner, you will love them!

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