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Why do tourism Navarra?

Landscapes of great contrasts, traditions, languages and a diverse and rich artistic legacy that has been preserved with care. Pamplona is green, beautiful, capital of the great festival of San Fermin, and Navarre is the Way of St. James.


Indeed, since we note that Navarra is not only an interesting destination during San Fermines. Navarre is a region with great historical interest and a large area to discover. When pises Navarra change your expectations and want to return, so go to make a break through these lands and embark on an unprecedented adventure.


Pamplona It occupies a central and privileged place on the map of Navarre. The capital of Navarre presents a great contrast between the modern city (with numerous gardens and wide avenues) and the medieval walled town with narrow streets, squares and ancient monuments. And is that unlike other cities that keep separate its old town and the modern, Pamplona admirably combines tradition and modernity in the same areas. So you can see on the walls that embrace the city, rebuilt in the s. XVI and XVIII and partially parallel to the Arga River. A beautiful contemplate his flank and modern landscapes, wide avenues and the oldest monuments of the city, all in harmony.


A half hour drive from Pamplona, you can visit the town of Olite, bordering with Aragon. Although it was inhabited since Roman times, the peak of the town came from the thirteenth century, when it became the seat of the Navarre royalty. That is why it now has an important artistic and cultural heritage, which highlights Olite Castle, majestic towers and walls. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a city worthy of real kings, who also has a great wine tradition, so we advise you to let yourselves down by the Wine Museum of Navarre.


From Olite, you'll reach the town of Estella walking a few kilometers west. This is a traditional Navarran town. The Palace of the Kings is an example of the noble and monarchical influence he received years ago. The picture from the river will be one of the star photos from your album, because the bank is chaired by picturesque houses full of color. Undoubtedly, it is a destination that will not leave you indifferent.


Very close to Aragon, a few kilometers east of Pamplona, ??you can enjoy Sanguesa. There, you pasearás streets with many years of history and numerous religious monuments, such as Santa María La Real. Another building that deserves your visit is the Castillo-Palacio de Viana, currently operating as a public library.


Finally, among Olite and Estella, it is located Artajona. This small town of Navarra is an area with medieval influences palpable in every corner. In fact, the most remarkable and you can not miss is the medieval fortification that protects and surrounds the town. From there, you can enjoy the best views of the town.

Nature in Navarra

From the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees to the arid Bardenas, Navarra natural extensions will not leave you indifferent. Green, fantastic and colorful forests, spectacular gorges carved by the passage of water, lakes and reservoirs, caves legend and many protected areas, including three national parks valleys. If you love you love nature, in Navarra you will enjoy!

• Foz do Arbayún

East of Pamplona, ??is the Arbayún Gorge, a canyon about Salazar river. Strolling along the top of the cliffs and admire the vertiginous views. The pictures will be of film, and if you get lucky, you can observe species such curious birds such as eagles and vultures.

• Lumbier

Between Pamplona and Foz de Arbayún, the Lumbier is located. A cliff, if anything, more ferocious and brave. You can take a stroll along the river banks contemplating its cliffs. To visit you must contact the Interpretation Centre of Foces. You will find the phone on its website, where you kindly inform all its services.

• Bardenas

South of the Foral community, you can locate the Bardenas, receiving the honorary title of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. A semi-desert landscape with marked trails for biking, walking or car. You can see the stones with strange shapes due to wind erosion. The Natural Park is open to public from 08:00 am until an hour before dawn.

• Caves Zagarramundi

North of Navarra, near the French border, are located Zagarramundi popular caves. A show in the middle of nature that hides many legends of witchcraft. It is a short and accessible trail where you can enjoy three caves full of history. Do you dare to go up?

• Birth River Urederra

Putting an end to the long list of natural areas in Navarra, we recommend you visit the birth of Urederra River, west of the community. Turquoise and lime green are some of the colors that will be present throughout your visit. Stroll and discover waterfalls in the Natural Park. Undoubtedly, it will be magical.

Navarra from the clouds

If you are thinking about the possible existence of a place that gives you the opportunity to see the lands of Navarra from the top, you're in luck, because from we'll name two interesting sites that will arouse your interest:

• Peñalén Ravine: Located in the south of Olite, Bardenas can observe the distance, and the cliffs before you. You will be nothing less than 392 meters. In addition, you can make a circular 10 km, approximately, cycling or walking along a path adapted route.

• The other location is the Balcon de Pilates, or also known Mirador de Ubaba. It is located near the source of Urederra river, and from there, can enjoy the best views of the vertical walls. Awesome!

San Fermines in Navarra

"July 7 ... A San Fermin Pamplona we go." This event is one of the most famous national and an attractive tourist spot for those who want to visit Pamplona at this time. Hotels are booked well in advance, since it is a party that attracts both Spanish and foreigners. So if you are thinking of booking a hotel for San Fermines, make your itinerary in advance and make sure you have room for these dates.

Some of the requirements are: to be dressed in white, wearing a red scarf, pass very, very well and be very careful. One of the most famous acts of the event, besides the loud bang, are the bulls. They run the bulls chasing the brave celebrities who show the way for the city to reach the Plaza de Toros.

Since recommend be in great shape to run and remember that this is a tradition, not a game. If you decide not to run, you can always enjoy this wonderful tradition from the top of the streets. :-)

Pamplona, ??capital of Navarra

To take advantage and enjoy your trip to the community of Navarra, let resumirte some of the most popular tourist sites in the capital, Pamplona. It is probably the city where you go to spend more time, because if you book a hotel there, the monuments of the surrounding towns are very close, due to its central position.

• Casco Viejo of Pamplona

The Old Town is one of the areas where you spend more time. Its medieval streets are lovely terracotta, and they will find some of the best restaurants in Pamplona. Wander down the street Estafeta, surely not find it so quiet at other times of year, because it is one of the streets that cross the bulls during confinements. Nearby, visit the Plaza del Castillo, one of the main tourist attractions.

• Religious Monuments in Pamplona

In case you want to visit religious monuments, in the streets of Casco Viejo you'll see two of the most important churches. The first is the Cathedral of Santa María La Real, which is part of the cathedral museum. The second is the Church of San Lorenzo, where the Chapel of San Fermin. Inside, you'll find the sculpture of the saint who baptized the Chapel, San Fermin or "morenico" nickname for his dark skin tone.

• Museum of Navarra

At the Museum of Navarra, one of the most important museums in Pamplona, ??you'll find an exhibition the most popular treasures in the history of Navarra in depth. Are you going to miss it?

• Parks Pamplona

The Park Vuelta del Castillo, surrounded by the Citadel, in a pentagonal shape is the largest green area of ??the city, and meets exhibition centers of art and culture. Moreover, in the colorful Baluarte you will find meadows full of flowers.

Facts about Navarra

In we show curiosities about this community for you to know in depth some traditions, customs or fun facts.


... Did you know that 56% of runners in the San Fermines are foreigners?


... Did you know that the Royal Palace of Olite was a zoo at the request of the grandson Carlos III? It was not surprising that people of great importance they had exotic species, whereas the grandson of Carlos III went further and came to include lions and giraffes in their collection.


... Did you know why the Barranco Peñalén is also known Barranco del Rey Muerto? The reason is that there was assassinated King Navarro Sanchez Garcés IV, indeed it was headlong.


... Did you know that the figure of San Fermin is every day of the year in the chapel of the Church of San Lorenzo least on July 7 coming out to the streets to celebrate the popular event?


... Did you know that the legend of the Caves of Zugarramurdi that had celebrations of witchcraft and satanic? It is said that were responsible for storms, sacrificing children and torturing men. In fact, 12 people were killed in the fire.

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