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El Angliru

La Venta S/n - Soto De Cangas, 33550, Soto de Cangas • 3.4 km from the city centre
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Check-in times and other important info

Accommodation facilities/services


Breakfast (Buffet)
Gluten-free food on request
Dairy-free milk on request

Main Areas

Not accessible for people with reduced mobility




Pet-Friendly on request (check fee)

Main Hotel Services

Free Lugagge Room
Pool sunshade

Baby cribs

Cots available at the hotel (Extra Fee and Request in Advance)

Swimming pools

Outdoor Pool (summer)

Wifi and Internet


Car Park

Outdoor car park

Room services

Room Services

Wi-Fi in the rooms



The surroundings of El Angliru


Zoo la Grandera 580 m
Astur Sella Aventura 2.9 km
Capilla de Santa Cruz 3.2 km
Puente Romano 3.3 km
Mirador de Seguencu 3.7 km

Places of interest

Senda De La Hoya De San Vicente 5.6 km
Cañón del Descensu del Sella 8 km
Cuevona Caves 9.7 km
Cueva de La Peruyal 11.2 km
Lakes of Covadonga 11.8 km
Mirador del Fito 13 km
Acantilados del Infierno 13.5 km
Bufones de Pria 15.2 km

Nearby airports

Asturias Airport - Oviedo (OVD) 79.7 km
León Airport (LEN) 95.6 km
All distances are calculated in a straight line. Actual travel distances may vary.

Pet Policy

This accommodation allows pets with the following conditions:
  • Maximum weight: No weight limit!
  • Price: 6 €/night and pet
  • Your pet cannot be left alone in the room, so make sure you always take it with you
  • If you go to the pool, your furry can accompany you, but not bathe!
  • Whenever you walk through the main areas of the hotel, you must carry your furry friend on a leash to maintain the good atmosphere
  • When you go to breakfast, you can do it in the company of your furry friend and thus start the day together
Important Information: Once you've completed your booking, please send us a message via the contact section to inform us that you will be travelling with your pet. This allows us to notify the accommodation in advance, ensuring everything is prepared for your arrival.

About the accommodation

Hotel El Angliru 2*.

This accommodation is located in the area of Cangas de Onís, in Asturias. It is also on the route that leads to the sanctuary of Covadonga. If you are thinking of discovering the area, it is undoubtedly your best option, as you will also have wonderful views of Picos de Europa.

The hotel offers reception service from 09:00h to 21:00h, so if you are arriving after this time you should contact them. They also have heating (seasonal), restaurant for breakfast, and free wifi.

The rooms are designed for you to have a pleasant stay in this beautiful rural area of Asturias, and are of traditional construction. So that you do not have to worry about anything, you will find one or two beds, television, telephone, wifi internet connection, and heating (seasonal). In addition, the bathroom is fully equipped with bathtub, hairdryer and amenities.

For breakfast, the hotel offers a buffet restaurant with the essentials to recharge your batteries and have enough energy to discover the area.

Traveling with pets? That's great! You can pack your furry friend's suitcase, because this accommodation allows you to spend your holiday with your best four-legged friend. Don't forget anything!

In summer, you can enjoy its swimming pool when it is warmer, and take the opportunity to sunbathe on the sun loungers.

Book now your holiday to Cangas de Onis staying at the Hotel El Angliru 2 * at the best price.

Some of the detailed services may have to be paid. You can check their rates directly at the establishment. This information is subject to change by the accommodation.

Some of the services listed may be considered as extras. Please check with the reception desk upon your arrival. This information is subject to change by the accommodation.


Very good
Based on 212 reviews
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Frequently asked questions about El Angliru

Where can I park at El Angliru?

If you stay at El Angliru you have the following parking possibilities (subject to availability):
  • Outdoor Parking

Does the El Angliru have wifi connection?

The El Angliru has Wi-Fi.

Can I stay with a pet at El Angliru?

Pets are allowed at El Angliru (on request and direct payment at the hotel). Check the conditions.

Does the El Angliru have a swimming pool?

Yes, El Angliru has a swimming pool (this service could have an extra fee). Here you have more info about the swimming pool and other facilities.
  • Outdoor swimming pool (summer season)

Is there children's cots available at El Angliru?

The El Angliru has cots available with direct payment at the hotel (you must request before you start your trip).

Is there heating in El Angliru?

Yes, El Angliru has heating in the common areas.

Is there a restaurant at El Angliru?

Yes, El Angliru has a restaurant.

Is there a bar at El Angliru?

Yes, El Angliru has a bar.
El Angliru
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