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Corte Dei Venti B&B

Via S. Giacomo, 20, 75100 Matera MT, Italia, 75100, Matera • 1.5 km from the city centre
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Wifi and Internet





Pet-Friendly on request (check fee)

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Safe at the reception


There's a car park close to the accommodation

Pet Policy

This accommodation is pet friendly. To consult its conditions, it is essential that you send us a message through the contact section informing the weight of your pet.


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Frequently asked questions about Corte Dei Venti B&B

Does the Corte Dei Venti B&B have wifi connection?

The Corte Dei Venti B&B has Wi-Fi.

Can I stay with a pet at Corte Dei Venti B&B?

Pets are allowed at Corte Dei Venti B&B (on request and direct payment at the hotel). Check the conditions.

Is there heating in Corte Dei Venti B&B?

Yes, Corte Dei Venti B&B has heating in the common areas.
Corte Dei Venti B&B
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