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Borizu Playa

33595 Celorio, Asturias, España, 33595, Celorio • 814 m from the city centre
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Room Services

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The surroundings of Borizu Playa


Museo Etnografico Oriente Asturias 2.5 km

Places of interest

Castro de las Gaviotas 6.8 km
Bufones de Pria 13.8 km
Cueva el Cares 15 km
Cueva de La Peruyal 15.9 km
Acantilados del Infierno 17.7 km
Chalé y Torre de la Atalaya 20 km

Nearby beaches

Playa de Torimbia 3.3 km

Nearby airports

Asturias Airport - Oviedo (OVD) 99.6 km
All distances are calculated in a straight line. Actual travel distances may vary.


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Frequently asked questions about Borizu Playa

Does the Borizu Playa have wifi connection?

The Borizu Playa has Wi-Fi.

Is there heating in Borizu Playa?

Yes, Borizu Playa has heating in the common areas.
Borizu Playa
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