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Hotels Portugal is your online travel agency responsible for ensuring the best hotels in Portugal and the best prices to show you this lovely country, a destination that brings hundreds and hundreds of tourists every year.


In you can find more than %total_hotels% hotels around the country. The best hotels in Coimbra, Oporto, Algarve and Lisbon, among many others, are available to a single click.

¿Why do tourism Portugal?

Portugal, one of the two countries is part of the Iberian Peninsula, and host of historical civilizations for hundreds of years as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans, is a unique country to visit and which have to point in your list "outstanding things to see."


From we get close to this Republic enters the ranking of the top 20 for quality of life is concerned, where you can spend your holidays. Its history will transport years ago and you will make a trip back in time visiting this fantastic country. Portugal has a Mediterranean climate that will make the days are longer with a greater number of solar hours and invite you to enjoy more time on the streets.


With a lot of very different beaches between them and a large number of nature reserves, the possibility that Portugal offers includes diversified activities and locations. And the hotel, we take care!


The Algarve is the area south of the country with a distance of approximately 240 km of beaches. You will be able to choose the type of expense that you like as there is a great variety. Large, small, quiet, with waves, almost deserted or more visitors. But if something can highlight them all it is that I shall bring a memory of them forever.


Coimbra is a central district that has some of the oldest universities in the country and is a World Heritage Site. An ideal destination if you go with the family because of his "Two Pequenitos" theme park for all ages and represents some of the architectural icons nationwide scale. From large to small they know the country in a different and fun way.


In the north, you can visit Porto, the country 's second largest city with a lot of hotels, restaurants and landscapes that will make your visit more comfortable. In we want you enjoy every nook and landscape of this beautiful country, and we will do our utmost to get it.


Lisbon is one of the main tourist spots in the country and the capital, where will be more than welcome to spend your holidays and stomp their alleys.

Azores and Madeira

But if you want to visit an island, Portugal has havens in its territorial map. The Azores islands surrounded by Atlantic beaches and the islands of Madeira, known as the Caribbean or Portuguese, for its exotic landscapes are your destinations.

Nature in Portugal

The traditional Portuguese fado, portugal originating and small nostalgic and melancholic features, will accompany you on your journey and offers you the best hotels in Portugal so that you can see and do what you will.


As mentioned, the nature reserves are waiting for your visit. To highlight the reserve Peneda-Gerês, where you will find unique species across the country, located in the north. Fisgas cascades of Ermelo are part of the Natural Park of Alvão that make you feel in paradise, and in Sintra can find the Natural Park of Sintra and Cascais, a place that blends lush landscapes with some more rock near the sea.

Beaches in Portugal

If you want to visit the beaches of the Algarve it is the best. Faro Coast, surrounded by delicious restaurants, is one of the most popular and famous among tourists. Dona Ana is chosen by many visitors as the best beach in Portugal with a crystal clear waters.


But if you want to live the landscape in all its splendor, visit Praia da Marinha, a beach with some rocky landscapes that look like film. As for surfers, north of Lisbon is your place so do not forget to visit the beach of Guincho.

Gastronomy in Portugal

Allow yourself a pleasure tasting the famous Port wine while you observe the calm waters of the mouth of the Douro River. Fish and shellfish are present in many Portuguese cities and you can not go away without tasting cod. Forget the diet for a while and try the delicious cakes that will make Bethlehem in the clouds for a few minutes.

Tourism in Portugal

Finally, cultivate the mind visiting historical monuments can be one of your goals. If so, note the Jerónimos Monastery (Lisbon), the University of Coimbra (Coimbra), the Torre de Belém (Lisbon) and Clérigos Tower (Oporto) as some of the mandatory visits Portugal a rich country that has 14 sites with the title of World Heritage Site, a figure very remarkable for its extension.

Facts about Portugal

You Enrich with some "Did you know ...?" And the details were spending perhaps overlooked. Scope out the book and points to take account !:


... Did you know that unlike Spain, in Portugal is forbidden to kill a bull after a run?


... Did you know that writing in red is offensive to the Portuguese?


... Did you know that during meals usually drink wine?


... Did you know that Portugal has the oldest borders in the world? In 1249 they settled first.


... Did you know that Portugal is one of the leading countries in the use of renewable energy?


... Did you know that in the basement of Lisbon there are some Roman galleries in A Baixa only open 3 days a year?


... Did you know that The Vasco da Gama Bridge is the longest bridge in Europe with an area of 17.2km?

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