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Why sightseeing in Seville?

Los del Río” already says it: “Seville has a special color” . And no, they are not wrong. Seville, one of the main cities in Andalusia , receives thousands of tourists every year. Its scent of orange blossom, jasmine and roses will guide your trip. Its streets, full of flowers, will intoxicate you throughout your stay. And its people will enchant and hypnotize you with their art and their curious and unmistakable accent.

The waters of the Guadalquivir river, which crosses the city, do not want to miss visiting Seville either . Go ahead and try Sevillian food, one of the cradles of the mythical "Spanish tapas". And as...! Delight your sight admiring the spectacle of an authentic flamenco tablao.

In addition to nature, gastronomy and art, the cultural and architectural offer of Seville is not far behind.. In the Andalusian capital , there are a large number of monuments that will transport you to very different times. In fact, some of its streets will make you think that you are in another period… And the city has the largest old town in Spain, which is, in turn, one of the 3 largest in Europe. As you can see, the heart of Seville beats strongly and as you enter the city, it will make yours do too, with the same intensity, to every corner of your being. And this is just the beginning.

What places to visit in Seville?

The streets of Seville are not the only surprise you on your journey. As I have said, be sure to visit the old town, but also the most modern Sevilla, as you'll see in the Plaza de la Encarnación, where you 'll find a spectacular building, called the Metropol Parasol, better known as "mushrooms".

Triana neighborhood

By the way! You have to know that the residents of Barrio de Triana will be happy to receive you. Triana is one of the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Seville, which you can get across the river Guadalquivir by the bridge. Strolling through the streets observing street art. When the day is done, allow to sit in a place with views of Seville. Watch the sun behind this city will be magnificent. Triana Bridge is a great place for this experience.

Barrio Santa Cruz

Another of the most popular neighborhoods, which appears in the lyrics of many flamenco songs, is the Barrio de Santa Cruz. Patios, full of flowers, and its narrow white streets will make you live the deepest Andalusia and, at the same time, meet the old Seville. The best covers of this neighborhood and find the tradition of its people and their culinary art is latent in every dish they make. So you know, try to match your itinerary to visit this area at lunchtime.

Los Remedios neighborhood

El Barrio de los Remedios is one of the most modern neighborhoods of Seville. Despite not having the same story as other neighborhoods, he breathes tranquility for all its corners. In addition, this neighborhood is welcoming the famous Sevillian event the April Fair. If you're looking hotel on those days, you know that!

Arts and entertainment in Seville

If you travel to Seville as a family, don't forget to visit Isla Mágica , a theme park that will entertain both young and old. Set in the discovery of America, its environment will transport you back several years. Do you dare to try any of its most exciting attractions?

At we can't help but think of flamenco when we talk about Seville . Therefore, we are not surprised to learn that in this city there is the only museum dedicated to this art, the Museum of Flamenco Dance . There, you will find the best compilation of videos, paintings and photographs, among other works. Find out if there is the possibility of putting the icing on your visit with the dance of an artist. And is that depending on the season, at the end of the museum there is the possibility of enjoying a flamenco performance. An experience, without a doubt, to remember.

Finally, and continuing with things to do and see in Seville , the city has a Bullfighting Museum , which will delight the most curious or those who are passionate about Bullfighting. In it, you will find paintings, light suits and other objects of interest related to this theme. If you decide to visit the Bullfighting Museum, the Maestranza Bullring will serve as the perfect complement . Located between La Giralda and the Guadalquivir river, it is another of those visits to Seville that you cannot miss.

Parks in Seville

There is a small lung in Seville , where green is the predominant color. It is El Parque de Maria Luisa , which hides the best walk in the whole city in the evening light, where the noise of the jets of the fountains will mark the compass of your steps. In it, you will also find places as admirable as the Plaza of Spain and Plaza America. A place to relax, a place to breathe and a place to fall in love ... And speaking of love, if you are traveling as a couple and want to surprise her, make a stop at the Bécquer roundabout , located within this Sevillian park; a monument to hopeful love, possessed and lost. Surrounded by flowers and protected by the poet, you will spend one of the most special moments of your trip together.

Near the Barrio de Santa Cruz we find the Jardines del Murillo . A walk on tiles full of palm trees and a great variety of botanical species that will stimulate your senses. This park opens daily at 8 in the morning and is very close to the beautiful monument of the Real Alcázar of Seville . If you plan to visit the area, you can take the opportunity to visit both at the same time.

Festivities in Seville

April Fair

As you probably already know, the most famous event in Seville is, without a doubt, the April Fair . If you travel to Seville around these dates, you will see that its inhabitants put on their traditional costumes and the smell of fried fish and rebujitos floods the walks of all the premises. Enter a booth at the fair, where you will listen to native Sevillian singers playing the cajon and the Spanish guitar and enjoy some tapas. The April Fair is Seville in its purest form .

Holy Week

If we talk about festivities, we must also make a special mention of Holy Week in Seville . Throughout the year, the brotherhoods prepare the brotherhoods with the best decoration. The arrows accompany the beat of the Virgin on her way to the cathedral. Faith is a latent feeling in the air. If you have the opportunity to live the experience, it will be something that you cannot explain in words.

Whether you plan to travel to Seville on dates related to the April Fair or its Holy Week, you must take into account that hotel places are sold out well in advance, so from we recommend that you make your reservation with several months in order to find your ideal hotel.

Monuments in Seville

If you are a very active tourist and want to visit as many of Seville's monuments as possible , make sure you book more than one hotel night. The Cathedral of Santa María de la Sede is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world that will dazzle you with its golden shine, you cannot miss it!

Very close to the Cathedral, you can take a look at La Giralda , an old mosque rebuilt into a bell tower. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, since despite the ascent it can be a bit tough, once at the top of the tower you can enjoy beautiful views. At that point you will think it is worth the effort!

Another of the Sevillian tourist spots par excellence, it is treated in a palace within the most historic Seville . Does it sound familiar? Yes, it is the famous Casa Pilatos , another of the visits that you cannot miss due to its mixture of architectural styles and its special charm.. A little further south, located on the edge of the Guadalquivir river, you will find the golden Torre del Oro de Sevilla, which presides over the city giving off majesty on all 4 sides. Yes, it's time for a good selfie with the tower in the background! And you know.

Something important! We cannot forget to recommend the Reales Alcázares. These palaces, which mix features of different cultures with incomparable beauty, will show you the art of the Flemish city. Gardens, arches and vaults await you behind its doors.

It may be that you are going to sleep in a hotel near the General Archive of the Indies , a World Heritage Site. This is a building where all the descriptive and administrative files of the Spanish colonies and the discovery of America are collected. If you are interested in history or curious, you can go in and take a look at some parchment. Will there be any with the signature of Columbus? Check it! ;-)

Where to eat in Sevilla?

The best option you have to eat in Seville is tapas. And speaking of covers, one of the most charming bars is "Casa Paco", a small bar in the Nervion neighborhood, which despite its small size, offers a truly original and very high quality tapas. All customers are delighted at the service of its waiters.

More towards the center, in the heart of Seville, we find the "Bodeguita Romero". There, you will have an extensive menu where you'll be eager to try more tapas than you can eat in one go. Set as the typical Sevillian bars, do not hesitate to accompany your tapas a good glass of wine.

Sevilla from the clouds

If you want to see Seville from the air, you have two options. The first -as we have mentioned previously- is to climb to the top of Giralda . Of course, a fantastic option to enjoy the views of Seville.

But we don't want to overlook the incredible experience of seeing Seville from the air by getting on the modern Metropol Parasol. Dare to ascend to its strange mushroom-shaped structure and you will see the best views of the city . We confess a secret: at night, the views will take your breath away.

Facts about Sevilla

What a beautiful city Seville, right? In case everything we have told you so far does not convince you, we are going to tell you some secrets of Seville that will help you arouse your curiosity even more.

  • Did you know that the offices of the University of Seville were formerly a prison for tobacco smugglers?
  • Did you know that on the roof of the Cathedral of Seville you can find a crocodile, an elephant tusk, a horse bridle and a baton?
  • Did you know that when it was ordered to clean the facade of the Cathedral of Seville some strange graffiti made many years ago came out? Similar ones were found in the Archive of the Indies, too.
  • Did you know that there is a street called “La Calle Hombre de Piedra” because between number 10 and 12 there is a torso on the facade?
  • Did you know that one of the Star Wars scenes was recorded in the Plaza de España in Seville?

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