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Hotel Maravedí

Calle Fuente Escarda 5, 18414, Capileira • 5 km from the city centre
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Accommodation highlights

Check-in times and other important info

Accommodation facilities/services


Breakfast (Buffet)
Dinner (Menu)
Gluten-free food on request
Dairy-free milk on request

Main Areas

No elevator
Not accessible for people with reduced mobility

Main Hotel Services

Meeting Room
Multilingual employees
Pool sunshade


Massage Parlour
Body and Facial Care Treatments
Wellness Service (reservation required)




Pet-Friendly on request (check fee)

Swimming pools

Outdoor Pool (summer)

Baby cribs

Baby Cot (on request)

Wifi and Internet


Car Park

Outdoor car park

Room services

Room Services



Shower or bathub

The surroundings of Hotel Maravedí


Asociacion Jardin de la Alpujarra 1.2 km
Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows 2.1 km
Casa Alpujarreña 2.7 km

Places of interest

Siete Lagunas 12.7 km
The Water Museum 12.8 km
Mulhacen 12.9 km
Castle Lanjaron 14.4 km
Alpujarras Gate 15 km
Mohon del Trigo Observatory 17.5 km
Park activities Mirlo Blanco 17.9 km

Nearby airports

Granada Airport - Jaén F.G.L (GRX) 48.5 km
All distances are calculated in a straight line. Actual travel distances may vary.

Pet Policy

This accommodation allows pets with the following conditions:
  • Maximum weight: 7 kg/pet
  • Price: 10 €/night and pet
  • If you are going out of the hotel, take your pet with you! It can't stay alone in the room, so take the opportunity to discover the area together!
  • Good to know: To be in the hotel, your pet must be kept on a leash at all times and may not enter the swimming pool or the restaurant.
Important Information: Once you've completed your booking, please send us a message via the contact section to inform us that you will be travelling with your pet. This allows us to notify the accommodation in advance, ensuring everything is prepared for your arrival.

About the accommodation

Hotel Maravedí

Located in the village of Capilerilla, at an altitude of 1350m, and on the edge of the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park. This hotel, totally away from everything, is the ideal place to unwind from the routine and the noises that surround us.

The hotel offers free wifi connection, tourist information of the area, free car park outside, heating to keep you warm, and swimming pool on the terrace.

The 14 rooms of this establishment are decorated in Andalusian style, and equipped with everything you need for your rest: one or two beds, television, heating, and bathroom with shower or bathtub and amenities.

In its restaurant, you will be served a delicious buffet breakfast in the morning. In the evening, if you prefer, they have a menu or individual dishes to end the day.

Are you traveling with your pet? This accommodation allows you to travel with your best furry friend, so don't hesitate to pack your suitcase! He will surely love spending a few days with you in such a natural environment.

Book now to discover the inland of Granada staying at Hotel Maravedí

Some of the services listed may be considered as extras. Please check with the reception desk upon your arrival. This information is subject to change by the accommodation.


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Frequently asked questions about Hotel Maravedí

Where can I park at Hotel Maravedí?

If you stay at Hotel Maravedí you have the following parking possibilities (subject to availability):
  • Outdoor Parking

Does the Hotel Maravedí have wifi connection?

The Hotel Maravedí has Wi-Fi.

Can I stay with a pet at Hotel Maravedí?

Pets are allowed at Hotel Maravedí (on request and direct payment at the hotel). Check the conditions.

Does the Hotel Maravedí have a swimming pool?

Yes, Hotel Maravedí has a swimming pool (this service could have an extra fee). Here you have more info about the swimming pool and other facilities.
  • Outdoor swimming pool (summer season)

What can I do at Hotel Maravedí?

The Hotel Maravedí has the following activities available (some may be for a fee).
  • Masseur

Is there heating in Hotel Maravedí?

Yes, Hotel Maravedí has heating in the common areas.

Is there a restaurant at Hotel Maravedí?

Yes, Hotel Maravedí has a restaurant.

Is gluten-free food available on request at Hotel Maravedí?

Yes, Hotel Maravedí has gluten-free food available on request.
Hotel Maravedí
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