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Hotels España is your online travel agency in charge of guaranteeing the best hotels in Spain and the best prices so that you can visit each of the corners of this wonderful country and shake hands on this tour.

In you can find more than% total_hotels% accommodation throughout the country. The best hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia ... among many others are within a single click.

Why go sightseeing in Spain?

There are many reasons why thousands of visitors decide to do tourism in Spain , one of the main world attractions for tourists who decide to spend their holidays, and there are also a lot of explanations for this phenomenon. Spain is a country influenced by a large number of cultures that form an ancient history in each of the different cities of the nation, such as the Arab conquest, the Roman invasion or the fleeting walk of the Celts.

The climates of Spain are very varied with areas which have an oceanic, Mediterranean and even subtropical climate, and gastronomy is another reason why hotels in Spain have a high rate of visits. It all depends on your taste and where you want to spend your time.

In addition, the different geographical areas offer very varied beach areas, rural , mountain or cosmopolitan areas with a wide range of activities to carry out and a different range of hotels to choose from.


Spain is a country with a special charm and a great variety when choosing your trip to Spain.

Travel south of the Peninsula

If your choice is to go south, do not forget to visit cities like Granada, Seville and Malaga. Art, race, sun and good food will be your companions on your journey.

The northern part

But if you want to feel the magic of the north, destinations like Lugo, Oviedo, San Sebastian and Bilbao will be ideal. Visit the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay, cool off in their fields and walk through its cities, What a unique experience!

The Mediterranean Sea

If you want to feel the whisper of the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, cities like Barcelona, ??Valencia or Murcia let your imagination. Do not miss out!

The central area

Finally, let yourself be enchanted by the culture of central Spain such as Madrid and Salamanca campus, and give a delicacy thanks to the cuisine in La Mancha.

Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

Ah! We could not speak of paradise. You know what we're talking about? Canary Islands, Palma de Mallorca or the Cies Islands become your trip unforgettable or cities with direct Arab influences as Ceuta and Melilla.

Beaches in Spain

If you are thinking of hiring any of the hotels in Spain , at we want to make you enjoy your trip and we suggest some activities to do.

The variety of beaches offers you a range of varieties to do, such as relaxing or refreshing. If you are a beach enthusiast, don't forget to visit Rodas Beach (Cíes Islands), Begur beaches (Girona) or Valdevaqueros Beach (Cádiz).

Nature and adventure in Spain

If instead, your choice is the mountains, Spain is the right country as it has a variety of parks and nature reserves. Visiting the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (Aragon), the Monfragüe National Park (Extremadura) or a walk along the Ruta del Borosa (Jaén) will clear your mind of the rhythm of the city and help you feel free for a while, so don't forget to write it down in your agenda.

In addition, thanks to the different landscapes and locations, you can perform a large number of risk sports. If you are a lover of surfing , the town of Mundaka (Basque Country) has idyllic beaches. Sort (Lleida), offers you dizzying descents along the river or bringing out your skis in Baqueira-Beret (Lleida) or Sierra Nevada (Granada).

Gastronomy in Spain

If you want to give pleasure to the palate, in San Sebastián can try pinchos you will touch the stars in Caceres enjoy the traditional Spanish ham and sausage La Mancha best without forgetting the famous paella Valencia.

Tourism in Spain

In summary: the range of places to visit in Spain may be one of the reasons that make you decide to spend your holidays in Spain due to its great architectural and cultural variety . You can nourish yourself and give yourself a gift with the following places to visit in Spain: the popular Basilica of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), the Puerta de Alcalá (Madrid) the Alcázar of Seville or the Alhambra in Granada created by the Arabs who receives thousands of visits annually.

In the Mediterranean , the city of science will welcome you with open arms and if you want to travel to Roman times, the cities of Mérida or Tarragona will be your one-way ticket.

Finally, if you want to take a more spiritual or religious trip, do not forget to visit the Plaza del Pilar (Zaragoza), take the Camino de Santiago route or visit Seville and Malaga to feel the Flemish race, art and culture.

The person responsible for taking you? will take care of helping you choose the best hotels in Spain.

Facts about España

  • Did you know that Puerta del Sol located in Madrid, the Spanish capital, is just the center of the Spanish peninsula ?
  • Did you know that the typical mealtime for Spaniards is 2 pm and between 9 and 10 pm ? Still, don't worry! There is a wide variety of bars adapted to the schedules and customs of tourists.
  • Did you know that Almería is the only desert in all of Europe ? Films such as Star Wars and series such as Game of Thrones have been recorded there.
  • Did you know that San Fermines is one of the main Spanish festivals celebrated in Pamplona that consists of a traditional race chased by bulls
  • Did you know that Spanish, Catalan, Euskera (one of the oldest languages in the world) and Galician are spoken in Spain?
  • Did you know that in Spain there are 44 places that are a World Heritage Site and therefore, it is the third world country with more sites that have this fee?
  • Did you know that soccer is the national sport ? In fact, the FCBarcelona vs Real Madrid match paralyzes practically the entire country.
  • Did you know that Spain is the country with the most bars per inhabitant in the entire European Union ?

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