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Choose the best charming mountain hotels in Catalonia

Hotels in Catalonia have a lot to offer in terms of rural tourism . On our website you have many examples for you to discover different places with history. Cardona, for example, is a beautiful town that will excite you, although it is not the only medieval town that you will find in the region.

The best charming mountain hotels in Catalonia are waiting for you to quietly enjoy incredible days in the air in these natural or rural spaces, knowing that you will have a magnificent accommodation to rest.

The hotels that we offer you have very spacious and comfortable bedrooms, many of them even have extensive gardens with a swimming pool, ideal for relaxing, and spectacular restaurants to savor the best of Catalan cuisine .

Our mountain hotels in Girona , Lleida and Barcelona will take you to enjoy the most interesting places in Catalonia such as the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park . We are talking about a spectacular mountain barrier that is perfect for nature lovers looking for unique hiking routes.

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El Montseny is a natural reserve that you can visit whenever you want, another example of everything you have at your fingertips. Either way, we advise you to do it in autumn, when its forests show a varied palette of colors.

Whichever destination you choose, you'd better spend these days in a charming hotel and Amimir has what you need. As soon as you can spend a few days in old renovated farmhouses with bedrooms decorated in different ways and enjoy comforting and placid experiences in mountain hotels with swimming pools .

Choose your favorite mountain hotel in Amimir

In Spain we have a multitude of places to visit. Beautiful towns with a great historical-cultural background are waiting for you to rest for a few days. At Amimir we are aware of the great potential that exists in our country and we ask you to take a look at our mountain hotels with attractive services to cover.

These are the best valued accommodations, with incredible, perfectly equipped bedrooms that can be easily accessed. Its rustic furnishings are first lesson and in many of them you can taste incredible dishes with local products. Without a doubt, these are ideal places to unwind for a few days.

If you have not yet contracted our services, our booking portal has a search engine for you to search for the municipality that interests you the most and choose the dates on which you want to travel. In a matter of seconds, we will show you all the mountain hotels available at the best price so that you can choose according to your tastes and budget. What charming natural place do you want to visit?